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US military knives of all eras.

  1. .) Leather KA-BAR USMC marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00

  1. 1442.) KA-BAR US ARMY marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00

2029.) As new unmarked KA-BAR Mk2 brown leather sheath. Fresh in the bag from the sheath maker, first quality item. $20.00

2030.) As new marked KA-BAR Mk2 black leather sheath. Fresh in the bag from the sheath maker, first quality item. $20.00

4093.) KA-BAR black leather sheath for a 5 to 5 and one half inch blade knife. Patterned after the typical Mark 2 sheath this one is made for the smaller versions. $25.00

3095.) M3 blade blank made in the 1990's for the commemorative series Camillus was making, no finish ever applied just the steel stamped and ground. $50.00

3096.) M4 blade blank made in the 1990's for the commemorative series Camillus was making, no finish ever applied just the steel stamped and ground. $50.00

(Above we see the differences of the M3 and the M4 blades, the M3 has the wide short tang and the M4 has the thin long tang end for the bayonet latch plate.)

4084.) Fairbairn – Sykes as new and unused blued blade still in the wrap. This is the third model blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Never assembled into a knife, it is perfect. These blades came right from Sheffield. $100.00

P385.) China made fantasy piece with the typical M7 grips. Come sin a leather sheath. $25.00

P1167.) Johnson Taft Pierce straight magazine rifle Dagger Bayonet. Quite possibly the rarest bayonet I have ever handled. This is a prototype made by the Taft Pierce company for their prototype Johnson rifle. Of the three types made this is known as the Dagger type and the only one I know of in existence. This bayonet was shown in a few magazine articles and books over its life time. Just an amazing piece that is virtually perfect. Super rare piece! $7,000.00 $6250.00

P367.) Extrema Ratio Fulcrum bayonet. Made in Italy to extreme standards this is the OD green version in like new still in the wrap and still in the box condition. This one was never inserted into the sheath. Can not be improved upon. $325.00

4250.) Garcia made Hollow Handle Survival knife. This is the knife made in competition to the Hackman Survival and sold in the 1980’s. Has a replacement retainer strap that fits perfectly. Great Vietnam era private purchase knife. $125.00

P266.) Lan-Cay M9. This is a completely unmarked, sterile M9. It has the newer ergo type grip, LAN-CAY marked pommel and no stone scabbard. 2003 manufacture. $175.00

P428.) M7 style reproduction piece. All black with black enamel type blade coating. Come with M8A1 style sheath with bright polished unmarked fittings New in the box. $25.00

P485.) Remington Mid-Length Export bayonet. A beautiful Remington Export bayonet with steel scabbard and leather frog. Excellent condition bayonet and scabbard with no dents and original dull finish. Bayonet blade and fittings are bright and well-marked in the fuller. $325.00

P495.) Short trainer. All plastic trainer in the M1 length. Blade has markings, 1943 / A.F.H and a serial number on the opposite. Unknown to me and unknown to Bill as well. Comes with an unmarked M7 style scabbard. Guard is loose. $50.00

P173.) Phrobis M9A1 with early low stop and prototype scabbard. This scabbard was of the batch they used to test the plastic and resin. Early prototype piece. $1000.00

P787.) SA80 Carrier Frog. Green web material frog marked on rear. $25.00

P788.) SA80 Carrier Frog. Green web material frog Unmarked. $35.00 $25.00

P270.) Lan-Cay USMC Trials bayonet. This is the 8 inch long solid tang trials unit with 7 lightweight holes in the blade. Made in desert tan with the proper long scabbard and the black MOLLE webbing. Super hard to find M9! $3,000.00 $2500.00

P284.) Phrobis CUK. 1 of 10 of the original Combat Utility Knives made by Phrobis and Mickey Finn. A concept knife for the SEAL’s much like the Mark I that would be impervious to the water. This is the ultra hard to find sterile version for the elite swimmers. $2500.00 $2100.00

4258.) Spanish Model of 1893 bayonet. Beautiful bayonet made in Toledo and so marked on the ricasso. Wood grips and light patina peppering on the metal. Come with the correct leather and steel scabbard. Nice rig $100.00


4265.) H. Boker & Co. M3. This is the single tang blade marked model. The H. Boker’s are a quality made knife and this one shows it. Lightly sharpened blade with tight full grip with 7 grooves. Ordnance bomb marked on the pommel. $700.00

P017.) M9A1 Phrobis International trials. This trials piece was built with an all injection molded plastic latch plate. A super rare piece used in the testing for lightweight and strength of the latching parts. A small piece of the latch is broken on this one from the strain. $2500.00

P018.) M9A1 Phrobis International trials. This trials piece was built with an all injection molded plastic latch plate. A super rare piece used in the testing for lightweight and strength of the latching parts. Complete and in as new condition. $2750.00

P035.) Lan-Cay M9-XM. Made for the USMC trials this is a welded tang M9 with the USMC marking. This is the round grip model using all M9 plastics but a solid welded tang as per the USMC requirements. Like New! $1800.00

P228.) Lan-Cay M9-XM. Made for the USMC trials this is a welded tang M9 with the USMC marking. This is the M7 grip model with green grips. Has the USMC requirement stick and welded tang. Like new with proper scabbard, never used. $1800.00

4273.) German “Walking Out” bayonet. KS98 Weimar era dress bayonet. Looks and feels like a bayonet but made specifically without the functioning locking parts. Has some light surface rust and spotting, solid no rattles. $75.00

4274.) Krag Cadet Bayonet Scabbard. This is the leather frog model and inspector marked. Has slight crazing of the leather but still strong and solid. Has a dent in the body, if you know of someone with a correct mandrill this is a steal. $150.00

4275.) Krag Cadet Bayonet Scabbard. This is the leather frog model and inspector marked. Has slight crazing of the leather but still strong and solid. No dents in body, super nice piece. $250.00

4276.) Yugoslavia Model 1948 bayonet. Beautiful blued and numbers matching piece. Maker marked and coded. Would be hard to upgrade this one. $200.00

4278.) Model of 1873 US Socket bayonet. Nice example with most of the bluing intact. Made for the Trapdoor rifle. $135.00

4279.) Model of 1816 US Socket bayonet. Nice example of a completely unmarked socket. Has two punch marks in the blade face so I assume this is the maker marks but unknown to me. I am not a “Socketeer” and Jim would call them so if you know what it is let me know! $185.00

4281.) M1892 Krag bayonet. Dated 1895 so pre SAW used bayonet. Has the correct era scabbard. The partial twist pin in the rear is damaged and allows a full swing of the scabbard but not visible. Small chip in the wood grip and full patina coverage. Multi war usage date on this baby. $225.00


4282.) M1892 Krag bayonet. Dated 1895 so pre SAW used bayonet. Has the correct era scabbard that is excellent and intact with no dents. Small chip in the wood grip and light patina coverage. Excellent overall 1895 dated Krag, multi war usage date on this baby. $290.00


P501.) United States Air Force Honor Guard Parade Practice bayonet. The USAF uses the M1 style bayonet in their Honor Guard and they are getting harder to come by when they break. This was the first model made in 2000 to combat the breakage from dropping them, it has an injection molded rubber blade on a ream M1 Garand grip and handle. Less than 100 of these were made $150.00

P938.) Italian made M1 Garand bayonet. Marked FAT 56 and * 56 and serial number with black plastic grips. US M7 style scabbard that is unmarked. Super nice Italian M1 that is all correct. $125.00

P972.) M1 Garand bayonet. Questionable origin. Several years ago, I found a document in the National Archives where all the US M1 bayonet making equipment in storage was shipped to Belgium to start production there in 1945. I have never seen a proven Belgium made M1 but this one is completely unmarked and looks to be made on US machinery. If I had to guess, this is one of those. $300.00


P149.) Imperial XM9. One of the actual bayonets used in the testing for the XM project. It had the stud broken on the wire cutter. The blade is marked up but intact and not chipped at all. The scabbard frog retainer plastic is also cracked. This was subject to a punishing test. $1400.00

P752.) Bud K M9. Here is another faithful example of a M9 clone made for the commercial market. New in the Box $65.00


P1409.) Greek made M4 bayonet. Example of the EME manufactured M4 made for the Greek Armed forces. Partial stamp but good solid construction, no rattles. $65.00  SOLD





P022.) Phrobis III USMC M9A1 Prototype. An early attempt to win a USMC contract with a new scabbard design. OD green M9A1 with M9 Pat Pend Blade. Super hard to find piece. $1500.00




P224.) LanCay M9. A first contract bayonet with second contract blade. OD prototype scabbard with fine checkering on grip section. No stone but has stone pocket still. One of only six ever made. Super rare interim design change. $1800.00





P227.) LanCay USMC XM-M9. A solid tang XM-M( USMC prototype with the round grip and blued blade. Has the USMC requested solid tang and welded pommel. Crazy hard to find prototype! $2000.00






P271.) USMC Prototype with long 8 inch blade, solid tang design and no lightening holes. Has the USMC stamped logo and the EGA on the opposite side. Come with a tan colored MOLLE scabbard and black webbing. Quite a rare piece. $3000.00





P278.) All rubber training bayonet. A neat piece with steel muzzle ring and soft rubber grip and blade. First one like it I have seen. $50.00






P315.) GRAD bayonet. This is the non firing non-gun version of the GRAD.22. New Jersey safe to own and really cool piece. As new in the box. $1500.00






P1035.) Korean KM-4 bayonet. Used but not abused M4 with KM-4 stamp on the guard and the throat of the scabbard and the eagle on the rear throat. $90.00





P066.) Phrobis International. One of only 40 made in the all black color with black scabbard and pouch. Marked as M9 / PHROBIS INT’L / SPAIN with the Spain etched very lightly and almost covered by the dark black color applied. As new, rare piece. $1000.00




P158.) BUCK USMC test piece. This is from the 1993 test using a riveted tang model to test the tang and blade strength. This piece has the inverted pommel so it could not be mounted on a rifle, for test purposes only. Extremely rare item. $500.00




P225.) LANCAY Scabbard. This is a prototype LANCAY marked scabbard, one of six made to test the newest design. Marked on the tag as a Rock Island test piece. One was altered so only 5 are like this one. $1200.00




P245.) Lancay M9 USMC FT. What I like to call the Frank Trzaska (FT) bayonet. I suggested FT, Field Trials when Lancay and Ontario were bidding for designs and it worked! This is the USMC design that was later made in the same style as the test units, this one was not part of the test. $400.00





P275.) Phrobis M9. One of six made for testing. Until I had seen this one, I had never seen the Yellow model. It is the only one I know of but said to be one of six. This was the experimental Diving colors tested. One of six made with the Yellow color and all black prototype webbing for diving. Super rare piece and almost impossible to obtain… except here! $3000.00



P371.) All plastic M9 with silver blade. No designation or makers park on the one. $20.00









P1175.) One of, if not the rarest US bayonet I have ever held. This is a prototype made by the Bakelite Company as submitted to the US Navy for testing as the soon to be USN Training bayonet. One of only three made and submitted this is the only one I know of in existence. I wrote and article about this bayonet for the SABC Journal in Volume 55 Spring of 2006. I will include a file of letters and info about the design I copeied in the National Archives. Super rare piece! $5000.00





P1183.) Archangel bayonet with the muzzle display adaptor. Made for the Ruger 556 kit and seldom seen. Makes a cool display, hard nylon type plastic. $75.00





4290.) Western L77. This is the L77, single edge stiletto as made by Western during WW II. This is an early example with the aluminum pommel and steel guard. Guard was bent to tighten up the grip some. Comes with the proper double stitched sheath. Used fighter, $145.00




4298.) Johnson’s smooth back unfinished leather sheath. Made by the Johnson’s Leather Co. out of Casselberry Fla and so stamped on the rear. This one looks like it is for the Ralph Bone little G hunter or something with a 3 inch blade. Has G3 stamped in the rear. Old but like new. $40.00






P226.) LanCay M9 Prototype MOLLE type scabbard in desert tan. Has the brown early webbing with a LANCAY tag sewn into the webbing. Retained the Fastex buckle. $400.00







P235.) LanCay prototype USMC trials bayonet without the lightweight holes in the blade. Has the unique USMC markings with the EGA on the reverse. A newly designed desert tan scabbard bit the black webbing. Hard to find piece. $500.00





P246.) LanCay USMC FT bayonet from the 1999 era. No sawback and a PI scabbard with no stone. $400.00








P280.) Phrobis M9 Japanese Contract. One of only 35 made for this contract. There is no latch plate as bayonets are illegal in Japan so it was converted to a knife. $450.00





P285.) Phrobis Stainless Steel Cuk. One of the unmarked items destined for SEAL use in the salt water environment. Little is know or written about these early development knives. Almost impossible to find these days$1000.00








P1404.) Another item from the office of Mickey Finn, a Marto M9 on a plaque that hung in is office. The only one like it I have ever seen. Unique Phrobis INTL piece. $1500.00




P1425.) Dwyer prototype. Outstanding quality completely unmarked. Bill listed it as the prototype for future builds, I can’t tell you what it is beside a heavy well made piece! $450.00




P1433.) Greek M4. A nice EME marked M4 carbine bayonet from the Greek Army. $65.00





P1440.) Eickhorn All black ASEK. This is the full blade model used in the testing not the one with the large blade cut out we commonly see. A very hard to find variant. New in the original packaging bag. $250.00

P1173.) Early T8 prototype made by Imperial. This is the prototype example for the M4 bayonets development trials. Note the thin guard and single latch pommel. Made in an unknown quantity I have seen a few in collections but they are super rare. Excellent chance to own a real piece of history. $3500.00

P1188.) Benchmark by Gerber prototype. Serial numbered 000000 this is one of the early models used for trials and testing. Excellent condition over all piece made expressly for the US Special Forces. Super rare piece. $1200.00



P790.) UK SA-80 bayonet with white buff scabbard. This is the improved catch model with short notch, a hard to find version in the market. Also has the parade dress white buff leather scabbard with bright brass throat. I just watched the funeral of Prince Phillip and saw quite a few of this type bayonet on the honor guards. A real rare to find piece in the US $200.00

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  1. and ALLIED MILITARY KNIVES WORLD WAR II, Book Two is now available. Book Two at 676 pages is about 2 ¼” thick. The full page, color photos of the knives and sheaths are excellent. The book quality is outstanding.
    The cost of the book including shipping in the US is $217.


To purchase, contact the Bill at or call 502-245-5466.

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