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Listed here are selected books offered for sale from my library that I have duplicates of. I purchase book collections and duplicates are a part of the business. I have them listed here at bargain prices for quick sales. Shipping is still $5.00 for one or all of them in one shipment. Save money by combining several books for a single one time $5.00 shipping. Some have highlighting and writing and so described where I know about it, they are used books.



American Knives.jpg (41571 bytes) American Knives by Peterson $10.00

History of Knives.jpg (39033 bytes) A History of Knives by Peterson $10.00

German Military Knives.jpg (41913 bytes) A Primer of German Military Knives by Hughes $10.00

Knives Military Edged Tools.jpg (84077 bytes) Knives, Military Edged Weapons and Tools by Marchington $10.00

Adventures of Jim Bowie.jpg (57620 bytes) The Adventures of Jim Bowie $10.00

Manions Military Report.jpg (71982 bytes) Manions Market Report US Edged Weapons 1989. $5.00

Scotts Vintage Tackle.jpg (75747 bytes) Scotts Vintage Tackle Catalog Fall 1990 $5.00

Letters from Vietnam.jpg (79717 bytes) Letters From Vietnam $5.00

German Military Combat Dress.jpg (65980 bytes) German Military Combat Dress by Ellis $5.00

Ohio Commandery Dinner 1893.jpg (44887 bytes) Military Order of the Loyal Legion Ohio Commandery 1893 Dinner $5.00

Ohio Commandery Dinner 1901.jpg (48526 bytes) Military Order of the Loyal Legion Ohio Commandery 1901 Dinner $5.00

Commemorative Knives.jpg (69977 bytes) Commemorative Knives $10.00

IBCA Antique Knives.jpg (68085 bytes) IBCA Guide to Antique Knives $10.00

Knives Knifemakers Latham.jpg (55790 bytes) Knives and Knife Makers by Sid Latham $15.00


GD Book of Knives I.jpg (87177 bytes) Gun Digest Book of Knives Vol I $10.00

Gun Digest Knives Book 5.jpg (62111 bytes) Gun Digest Book of Knives Vol V $10.00

Knives 91.jpg (97770 bytes) Knives 1991 $10.00

knives 92.jpg (98874 bytes) Knives 1992 $10.00

Knives 94.jpg (61649 bytes) Knives 1994 $10.00

Romance 75.jpg (68685 bytes) Price Guide to Romance of Knife Collecting 1975 $10.00


Socket Bayonets Webster.jpg (57616 bytes) American Socket Bayonets Have two, like new copy is $15.00. Have one with torn cover also $5.00

Arizona Highways June 1942.jpg (46684 bytes) Arizona Highways June 1942. All about the aircraft industry and US bases in Arizona. $10.00

Atlas de la Baionnette Vol1.jpg (80045 bytes)    Atlas de la Baionnette Vol 1. Shop worn and used (highlighted and written in) with cover taped by a veteran bayonet collector. All there. $25.00

Atlas de la Baionnette Vol2.jpg (64538 bytes)    Atlas de la Baionnette Vol 2. Shop worn and used (highlighted and written in) with cover taped by a veteran bayonet collector. All there. $35.00 Buy both for $50.00

Blade Jan 2002.jpg (63988 bytes) Blade Magazine January 2002 $5.00

Carriers US Naval Air Power in Action.jpg (42151 bytes)    Carriers US Naval Air Power Coffee Table Book $5.00

NKC Apr 1979.jpg (67543 bytes)    NKCA Magazine April 1979 $5.00

NKC Apr 1980.jpg (53006 bytes)    NKCA Magazine April 1980 $5.00

NKC Dec 1978.jpg (56354 bytes)    NKCA magazine Dec 1978 $5.00

NKC Dec 1979.jpg (52625 bytes)    NKCA Magazine Dec 1979 $5.00

NKC Feb 1979.jpg (48046 bytes)    NKCA Magazine Feb 1979

NKC Feb 1980.jpg (50050 bytes)    NKCA Magazine Feb 1980 $5.00

NKC June 1979.jpg (52681 bytes)    NKCA Magazine June 1979 $5.00

NKC Nov 1986.jpg (43641 bytes)    NKCA Magazine Nov 1986 $5.00

NKC Sep 1980.jpg (57246 bytes)    NKCA Magazine Sep 1980 $5.00

NKC Vol19 No10.jpg (63799 bytes)    NKCA Vol 19 No 10 $5.00

PG Romance Collecting 1979.jpg (36697 bytes)    Price Guide to the Romance of Knife Collecting $10.00

PX Mag 1989 No20.jpg (56032 bytes)    Japanese PX Magazine on Military Knives. (in Japanese) 1989 $15.00

Tactical Knives Summer 1995.jpg (69850 bytes)    Tactical Knives Summer 1995 $5.00

Tactical Knives Summer 1996.jpg (63796 bytes)    Tactical Knives Summer 1996 $5.00

Scan0054.jpg (231867 bytes)    Curtis Fly Leaf January 1944 $5.00

 Scan0060.jpg (209559 bytes)    Fighting Knives September 1994 $5.00

Scan0061.jpg (207640 bytes)    Fighting Knives November 1994 $5.00

Scan0062.jpg (278157 bytes)    Fighting Knives May 1995 $5.00

Scan0066.jpg (231182 bytes)    Fighting Knives November 1995 $5.00

Scan0067.jpg (235440 bytes)    Fighting Knives January 1996 $5.00

Scan0068.jpg (213948 bytes)    Fighting Knives September 1996 $5.00

Scan0069.jpg (268443 bytes)    Tactical Knives Summer 1996 $5.00

Scan0070.jpg (279951 bytes)    Tactical Knives January 1998 $5.00

Scan0072.jpg (254797 bytes)    Tactical Knives September 1999 $5.00




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