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US Rifle M14 - From John Garand to the M21

by R Blake Stevens, Revised Second Edition, 1991, 352 pages, 246 illustrations. List Priced at $49.95 plus postage, Our Price $old plus Postage in the US!

The definitive study of the last, true "lock, stock, and barrel" US battle rifle. US Rifle M14 spans the fateful postwar era of the decline of Army Ordnance as the arbiter of US small arms development. The story begins with an in-depth examination of wartime modifications to the M1 rifle (M1E1 - M1E14) and the original Garand-based "T" series (T20, T20E1, T20E2; T22, T22E1, T22E2; and T27). Then the rest of the T series (T28; T31; T33; T35; T36; T37; T25; T47; T44, T44E1 - T44E6). The adoption of the T44E4 as the M14 in 1957; scopes, silencers, and folding stocks; the M14 in Vietnam. Now with more information on the latest USAMTU modifications which transform the M14 into the gilt-edge M21. The only place you can find the T44 & T47 bayonets is right in here.

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The Black Rifle M16 Retrospective

by R Blake Stevens and Edward C Ezell, Enhanced Second Edition, 1992 416 pages, 441 illustrations Our Price $old plus Postage in the US!

A chilling study of small arms development and procurement in the post-Ordnance US small arms environment, wherein OSD 'whiz kids' arrogantly called the tune and shooting watermelons at a picnic passed for engineering development. Beginning with the Black Rifle's forebear the ArmaLite AR-10, through the small caliber/high velocity (SCHV) program at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the .22 Gustafson carbine, the .22/NATO T48 and the Springfield and Winchester .224 rifles, this is an in-depth examination of the many controversies surrounding the 5.56mm M16 'package' - where it came from: what it is; what it is not, and why.

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