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This one is a different animal altogether. The knife is very easy to tell from an original. This blade profile was never used on the originals. The bad part is the knuckle bow. It looks very good and will most likely show up on a "Theatre Made" knife down the line. the font in the stamping is the only way to tell them apart. Beware before you buy.

M1917_ACC_Reproz.JPG (42765 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro1z.JPG (40586 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro2z.JPG (49307 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro3z.JPG (38700 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro4z.JPG (70067 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro5z.JPG (25694 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro7z.JPG (18793 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro8z.JPG (63937 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro9az.JPG (28842 bytes)    M1917_ACC_Repro_marksz.JPG (69032 bytes)

The last photo compares the repro on the top with a known original on the bottom. Check twice before you buy.


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