Reproduction Advertisements

Below are listed ads which appeared in national publications over the years. Thanks to Ron Braehler, Mark Zalesky and Garry Zalesky for saving them all.If you have any to add please contact us. You will find in all cases that the original sellers state the products as reproduction. It is when the items reach the secondary market that they often take on the "story" of having been there and done that!


Repro_Golden_1988.JPG (1785486 bytes)

Golden Enterprises 1988

Repro_IMA_1989.JPG (2312000 bytes)

I.M.A. 1989

  Repro_IMA_1996.JPG (491065 bytes) 

I.M.A. 1996

  Repro_IMA_2003.JPG (108059 bytes)

I.M.A. 2003

   Repro_Kaufman_1968.JPG (354875 bytes)  

Kaufman 1968

 Repro_MRA_1986.JPG (1409449 bytes) 

Military Replica Arms 1986

  Repro_Patton_1999.JPG (265069 bytes)

Sarco 1999

Repro_Johnson_1999.JPG (188229 bytes)

Sarco 1999

  Repro_Springfield_1999.JPG (74870 bytes)

Sarco 1999

  Repro_V42_1984.JPG (135420 bytes) 

Continental 1992

  Repro_SOG_1986.JPG (1254535 bytes)  

Atlanta Cutlery 1986

 Fantasy_M1918_Mk1.jpg (152324 bytes)

Faith Associates 1985

Repro_Legendary_1987.JPG (1340738 bytes)

Legendary Arms 1987

Bolo Ad Am Rifleman June 1954.jpg (105485 bytes)

American Rifleman 1954

San_Antonio_Iron_Ad.jpg (53467 bytes)

San Antonio Iron Works Knives

Surplus TL29

gutmann-c1968supp-p07-01.jpg (810463 bytes)

Gutmann C1968 Catalog page


Atlanta Cutlery Bayo M1905E1 Ad.jpg (1166735 bytes)
2009 Atlanta Cutlery Catalog


Kiffe 1966 catalog Page.jpg (151967 bytes)
1966 Kiffe Catalog Page


M1 Garand Sale.jpg (100069 bytes)
We wish...

M1917 Bayo Sale.jpg (100823 bytes)    M5 Leather Sheath.jpg (102741 bytes)
Oh those days...


M1 Repro Atlanta.jpg (2762090 bytes)
2009 Atlanta Cutlery Catalog




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