This is a new one. The ACC and Aerial marked military knives have always been at the upper end in collectables for various reasons. Low production, quality, fit and finish and a finite amount of items to collect. Well the fakes have caught on to the Aerial name and some new made M4's are showing up at shows and online. Look closely for they follow most of the guidelines for an early knife but the examples we have seen show some obvious defects. Knowledge is Power


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Thanks to our good friend Eric Keller for the wonderful photos of the bogus M4

ACC_M4a1.JPG (129456 bytes)    ACC_M4b1.JPG (144108 bytes)

This is an ACC with dubious history.


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ACC_M4a1.JPG (129456 bytes)
    ACC_M4b1.JPG (144108 bytes)

Aerials are coming out oft he wood work. Be careful, look closely, they will get better with time.



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