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This one is a different animal altogether. These are original Anderson blades and handles found in a basement in California. A real collectors find. The bad part is that when they changed hands a few time the thought came about to make them into knives. Well we are happy that the grinding is not like the originals. Here are a few basic differences to help keep you money where it belongs. Remember these are real Anderson handles so worth something, just not originals.


Repro_Anderson_2002.JPG (208626 bytes)       Repro_Anderson_2002a.JPG (181457 bytes)
From left to right: An original Anderson from the WW II era, the current grind, a current grind to make it look like the super rare stiletto and a untouched, un-ground blank. The last one is sure to be a major collectors item. Just be aware of what you are buying and make an informed decision. On the right is an Anderson ad from the post war years. The knives were sold as hunters and the elusive fishing knife is pictured.

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