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Michael W. Silvey

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Silvey SOG Book


Huge Used Book Sale! 

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Amer_Bayonet.jpg (48513 bytes)     The American Bayonet     Albert Hardin   Have a few! 

Mil_Knives_1941_1991.JPG (32291 bytes)     Military Knives 1941 to 1991    Michael Silvey     Have One 

Cole_III.JPG (119630 bytes)    US Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes; Cole Book III Have One

Fight_Knives.JPG (73233 bytes)    Stephens Fighting Knives FJ Stephens Have One

The Bayonet 1850-1970.jpg (40843 bytes)       The Bayonet 1850 - 1970     Carter & Walter Found One!

Coll.jpg.JPG (98025 bytes)     Collins Machetes & Bowies     D E Henry    Found One

NE Cutlery.jpg (98941 bytes)    New England Cutlery P Pankiewicz Have One!

Bayo Book1.jpg (50439 bytes)   The Bayonet Book  Watts & White One Copy Available 

Daggers Western World.jpg (66232 bytes)    Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World HL Peterson Have one available

  Knifemakers of Old San Francisco Levine Have One  

CD_Cover.JPG (139987 bytes)     Bayonet Letters Patent CD ROM     Frank Trzaska

Small_Arms.JPG (42748 bytes)     Small Arms of The Sea Services     Robert Rankin Have One Available!

Cole_Skinner.jpg (107755 bytes)   The Skinning Knife M H Cole Have one Available!  

Japanese Bayonets.jpg (56968 bytes)    Japanese Bayonets L Johnson Have one available! 

Stephens Bayonets1.jpg (54921 bytes)     The Collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets   Stephens Have One

Kiesling_1.JPG (58082 bytes)     Bayonets of the World  Paul Kiesling Have individual volumes!   

Conf Edged Weapons.jpg (89916 bytes)    Confederate Edged Weapons Albaugh Have One Only! 

Collectors Guide Ames 1st Ed.jpg (37109 bytes)    Collectors Guide to Ames Contract Weapons     Hickox Have two editions available 

Socket Bayonet in British Army.jpg (48748 bytes)    The Socket Bayonet in the British Army 1687 - 1783 Goldstein     Have one available

LG III v1.jpg (89564 bytes)    Levines Guide to Knives and  their Values III Used $25.00 plus postage

ArmsArmour Norman.jpg (118909 bytes)    Arms and Armour by Norman $5.00 plus postage

John Russell Green River Cutlery.jpg (82242 bytes) John Russell Cutlery Co. (Green River Knives) $25.00 plus postage


Otto.JPG (22577 bytes)     Observations on Turkish Bayonets   Dennis Ottobre




Sold Out Volumes below

ColeIV.jpg (82320 bytes)     US Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes Cole Book IV   SOLD 

Jant.jpg.JPG (53846 bytes)     Janzen's Notebook on Bayonets     Jerry Janzen Sold Out..

Bayo_20.jpg.JPG (52951 bytes)     American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century     Gary Cunningham Sold 

Mil_Kni_Bk.jpg (47213 bytes)      Military Knives: A Reference Book     Knife World Articles, Trzaska, Silvey, etc. Sold Some!

S_WWII.jpg.JPG (82975 bytes)     Knives of the United States Military WW II   Michael Silvey  Sold Out

Silvey_Boyd.jpg (96393 bytes)    United States Military Knives Collectors Guide Sold Out 

    Sword Abstract     Leonard Garigliano     Sold Out  

Patents RDCE.jpg (68216 bytes)     British Bayonet Letters Patent   R.D.C. Evans Sold Out

board1.jpeg (27463 bytes)     Boarders Away, with Steel     William Gilkerson    Sold Out

AMFK.jpg (77814 bytes)     Allied Military Fighting Knives     Robert Buerlein Sold

S_Viet.JPG (89650 bytes)    Knives of the United States Military Vietnam   Michael Silvey Sold  

Plug_Cover.JPG (52215 bytes)     Plug Bayonets  R.D.C. Evans Sold Out  

Kniv_SF.jpg (66345 bytes)     Knives of the Special Forces    Tom Clinton      SOLD

Randall.jpg (62475 bytes)    Randall Made Knives Gaddis Sold 


Flook1.jpg (17518 bytes)    Photographic Primer of Military Knives      Sold 

5th_PG.jpg (32895 bytes) Price Guide to US Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes     Silvey, Boyd, Trzaska SOLD OUT

socket.jpeg (23369 bytes)    American Socket Bayonets & Scabbards     Robert Reilly SOLD Out

Theater_Cover.jpg (115978 bytes)    Theater Made Military Knives Bill and Debbie Wright. SOLD

G_A Guidebook.jpg (53051 bytes)     Guns & Ammo Guidebook to Knives & Edged Weapons SOLD

Walter German Bayonet1.jpg (53188 bytes)    The German Bayonet    John Walter SOLD 

Collecting_Bayonets.JPG (33943 bytes)     Collecting Bayonets Dr. J.A. Maddox     Sold Out

keller.jpeg (9854 bytes)     Swords and Sabers of the Springfield Armory     Burt Kellerstedt    Sold Out

Homers_Book.jpg (30140 bytes)     The Military Knife and Bayonet     Homer Brett  Sold Out

Collectors Guide FS Knife.jpg (78685 bytes)    Collector's Guide to the F-S Fighting Knife Locken Sold

Flook.jpg.JPG (24249 bytes)    British and Commonwealth Military Knives    Ron Flook SOLD 

OSS Weapons.jpg (70430 bytes)    OSS Weapons Dr J Brunner SOLD

Randall Saga.jpg (59359 bytes)    The Randall Saga D. Beaucant SOLD

KW Vol 1.jpg (64337 bytes)    The Best of Knife World Volume I  SOLD

Weapons_WWII.JPG (63366 bytes)     Books by Bruce Canfield Sold 

Bowie Knives Abels.jpg (49757 bytes)    Bowie Knives Abels Collection  SOLD

Sheffield Knife Book.jpg (62575 bytes)    The Sheffield Knife Book Tweedale SOLD 

Light but Efficient.jpg (71463 bytes)    Light but Efficient Hardin & Hedden Sold Out

Buck Knives.jpg (54501 bytes)    The Story of Buck Knives Ables SOLD

Confed Arms_0008a.jpg (58215 bytes)    Confederate Arms    Albaugh & Simmons Sold

Pocket_Knives_Cover.JPG (60089 bytes)    Pocket Knives of the United States Military    Michael Silvey  Out of Stock

Encyc of Knives.jpg (72725 bytes)    Encyclopedia of Knives N. Strung Sold

Maeurer_0005a.jpg (46872 bytes)    Military Edged Weapons of the World     Maeurer  Sold Out

Knivesofwar.jpg (125424 bytes)    Knives of War by Hughes, Jenkins, Buerlein $old out

Couteaux de Combat II.JPG (70793 bytes)    Couteaux de Combat    Jean Fontvielle SOLD

colecover1.jpg (309064 bytes)     The Best of US Military Knives Bayonets and Scabbards   M H Cole Sold Out

Cole_II.JPG (77603 bytes)    US Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes Cole Book II  SOLD

Comm_Dagger.JPG (59726 bytes)    Commando Dagger Sold

Cover_Scan.jpg (60085 bytes)         Bayonets, Knives and Scabbards     edited by Frank Trzaska Sold Out

Cole_I.JPG (34787 bytes)    A Collection of US Military Knives; Cole Book I    Sold Out

Get Tough Covered.jpg (135510 bytes)    Get Tough Major W.E. Fairbairn Sold Out

Rifles and Blades German American Militia.jpg (53910 bytes)    Rifles and Blades of the German-American Militia Rentschler Sold Out

Levine_Cover.JPG (58063 bytes)    Levine's Guide 4th Edition SOLD

Grunt Gear.jpg (129606 bytes)    Grunt Gear by Alec Tulkoff $old Out

blackrifle.jpg (32228 bytes)     Books by Collector Grade Sold Out 

M3_Cover.jpg (27881 bytes)     The M3 Trench Knife of WW II     Vince Coniglio    Sold Out 

Remington Bayonets.JPG (49017 bytes)    Bayonets of the Remington Cartridge Period     Jerry L. Janzen Sold Out

Knifemakers who went West.jpg (81225 bytes)    Knife Makers who went West Platts Sold Out 

Eickhorn Exports.JPG (44931 bytes)    Eickhorn Edged Weapons Exports    Quesada & Hickox SOLD OUT


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