Reproduction Boyt 43

Mark 2 USN sheath


       MK2 Boyt43 Repro 000.JPG (564299 bytes)
Current Boyt 43 USN repro along side unmarked current repro sheath.
Note the similar construction methods and hardware used. They both came from the same source.

   MK2 Boyt43 Repro 001.JPG (685539 bytes) 
Construction methods and hardware are identical in both examples.

  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 002.JPG (400878 bytes)
Scovill MFG. Co. marked snaps so marked on the current examples. 

  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 003.JPG (354570 bytes) 
S M Co marked female snap end on the current sheath.

  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 004.JPG (928987 bytes)
New stamping on the left with original on the right. Very close using the correct font and size. The only difference is in the thickness of the letters. Without a known original you will not likely be able to tell them apart in a few years.

   MK2 Boyt43 Repro 005.JPG (871711 bytes) 
A second view of the new on left and original on right.
  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 006.JPG (763430 bytes)
Original thin lettering on left, current repro in center and thick original on the right.
All are Boyt 43 stamped as well.

   MK2 Boyt43 Repro 007.JPG (993152 bytes) 
Same as above.

  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 008.JPG (1031703 bytes) 
Current reproduction stamping

MK2 Boyt43 Repro 011.JPG (706974 bytes)
Original Boyt 43 stamping. Note the subtle differences in the two above photos. The new repro stamp is very close to the original. The shape of the 4 is different and the spacing on the Boyt is different as well. On the repro the y in Boyt touches the 3.

  MK2 Boyt43 Repro 012.JPG (861589 bytes)
Note the difference in the rivet holding the retainer strap in place. The original on the left uses a larger flat rivet while the repro uses a smaller domed rivet.

      MK2 Boyt43 Repro 014.JPG (341691 bytes)
Original on left has a blued brass snap while the current repro uses bright brass hardware.


The Newest USMC BOYT 43 Sheath

Boyt USMC Repro Sheath.JPG (3106574 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath1.JPG (2919924 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath2.JPG (2510302 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath3.JPG (2799068 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath4.JPG (3203423 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath5.JPG (2773483 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath6.JPG (2870415 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath6a.JPG (2941343 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath6b.JPG (2998940 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath7.JPG (2350751 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath7a.JPG (3171646 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath7b.JPG (3188142 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath8.JPG (2720926 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath8a.JPG (2465766 bytes)    Boyt USMC Repro Sheath9.JPG (2797654 bytes)    


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