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Listed here is the Case Mark 2, it is a current fantasy item that was never produced during WW II except for a few prototypes. Don't be fooled by the fakers. Although it is a very good knife... it isn't old.

Case_USMC_1.JPG (1218586 bytes)    Case_USMC_2.JPG (1442529 bytes)    Case_USMC_3.JPG (1045349 bytes)    Case_USMC_4.JPG (910791 bytes)    Case_USMC_5.JPG (1528318 bytes)

This one is dated 1989, that is not a code or a model number, (we have been told it was) and also has the Eagle, Globe and Anchor sheath. These sheaths were never produced during WW II with this marking.


case-pearl-harbor-dagger.jpg (112475 bytes)

So tell me why Case made a reproduction of a knife only Camillus ever made? In any case (it was made by Camillus last year or so) it can look like a Raider Stiletto with a little bit of work.


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