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U.S. Military Knives, bayonets & machetes

By M.H. Cole

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This is an all new book which is formed from selected drawings of Howard Cole's previous four books, all reproduced in one book. His line drawings are superb for identification purposes and his presentation is ever artful. While this book does not make the others obsolete it allows the collector to have in one book that which would cost several hundred to buy all four. A few additions to correct and to update some text but the thought was to keep it as original as possible. A must have book for the knife, bayonet or machete collector! Edited by Mike Silvey it is printed in the style of Mike's books, heavy glossy paper which will last for years. 

Sale Price is temp out of stock, will be back in two weeks plus $5.00 shipping in the U.S. This is one that can't be passed up. 
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