M.H. Cole Reproductions 

This is one that pops up on ebay every so often, they used to spring up at gun shows as well. These knives are now getting old in themselves, made in the 1970's and 1980's most have long since disappeared but they are still out there.


Repro_Cole1.JPG (284062 bytes)    Repro_Cole2.JPG (338408 bytes)    Repro_Cole3.JPG (371840 bytes)    Repro_Cole4.JPG (254217 bytes)   

Repro_Cole5.JPG (257038 bytes)


The below knife is a modern Cole reproduction. These knives are sold as reproductions now and clearly are such. Given time and the hands that they pass through this will change.

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Thanks to John Gibson for the modern photos and Harvey Reisberg for the old one!

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Here we have a real MH Cole made knife with the modern reproduction, Thanks John!


Cole Fake 001.jpg (330204 bytes)    Cole Fake 02.jpg (465024 bytes)    Cole Fake 03.jpg (390539 bytes)    Cole fake 04.jpg (340571 bytes)    Cole Fake 04a.jpg (326145 bytes)    Cole Fake 04b.jpg (640402 bytes)    Cole Fake 04c.jpg (313341 bytes)    Cole Fake 04d.jpg (711178 bytes)    Cole Fake 05.jpg (328711 bytes)    Cole Fake 06.jpg (306391 bytes)    Cole Fake 07.jpg (445422 bytes)

Another reproduction to look out for.



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