Collecting Bayonets

 by Dr. J.A. Maddox

This book is destined to become a collectors item in it's own right. Published by Jim Maddox, a veteran of over 40 years in bayonet collecting, a Charter member of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors, and a current director as well.  Jim has done his homework well on this one. I have always considered the value of a book by what it holds for me and the community as well. This book is worth twice the price. Jim has successfully created a book that teaches the younger collector the pitfalls and missteps so many of us have taken over the years as well as presents so many bayonets we will most likely never handle it has something for everyone. This is one book not to be missed, it will be too late once they are all sold, Jim has stated numerous time it will not be republished. Get one before they double in price.


Collecting Bayonets, 528 pages filed with glossy color photos of common and rare bayonets alike. Covers collecting, cleaning, storing, displaying, grading and inventory systems. There just isn't another book on the market in or out of print.

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