The Colonial Page

Listed here is the Colonial Mark 1, it is a very good example of a newly produced knife that is very accurate to the original. You have to know the originals to tell them apart. The only difference from the first model originals is the markings are reversed onto the opposite tangs. The scabbard is a modern made version as well. This one can fool even the experts who don't look closely.

Colonial_USN1.JPG (1261359 bytes)   Colonial_USN2.JPG (1296061 bytes)     Colonial_USN3.JPG (1278894 bytes)    Colonial_USN4.JPG (524026 bytes)    Colonial_USN5.JPG (460315 bytes)    Colonial_USN6.JPG (1167184 bytes)    Colonial_USN7.JPG (629306 bytes)

They even went to the trouble of making a kraft type box to package the knife in. This is very well thought out, the markings are a real giveaway on the box but are a real nice touch.

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