Conetta Mark 2 Bayonets

These pieces are all over the net and can bring some pretty high prices on eBay. Always associated with "prototype", "Special Forces" "Sniper" or some other desirable description they are in fact fantasy knives. Made by Sarco in the 1980's these parts were purchased from Conetta at a buyer take all sale. Pete Conetta told us the story face to face.  Our examples shown here were purchased in person at the Sarco store in N.J. If anyone tells you otherwise about these  items they are lying to you. Period.


Fantasy_M7_1987.JPG (547833 bytes)    Fantasy_M7_1987a.JPG (235360 bytes)


Conn_Sarco1.jpg (369495 bytes)    Conn_Sarco2.jpg (171871 bytes)    Conn_Pommel1.JPG (932472 bytes)
The Leather Handled model


Conn_Sarco3.jpg (156022 bytes)    Conn_Sarco4.jpg (238966 bytes)    Conn_Pommel2.JPG (829765 bytes)
The Plastic Handled Sawback model

These items were sold without scabbards. Black scabbards could be purchased for a few bucks more. The saw-teeth cut into the spine of the plastic handled model were done by hand. This was never available on the Conetta made blades. Pommels are peened in place and staked by hand. Actually a quality made item and a good field knife but not U.S. military.

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