D-Day Landing Knives

This is one that pops up on ebay every so often, they used to spring up at gun shows as well. These knives are now getting old in themselves, made in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and to this day they pop up all over the place. These are a true fantasy knife, nothing like it is recorded to ever have been used or made. I always wondered how they got all those French bayonet blades to make these with in England while the German Army held the keys to the French arsenals? Perhaps the flotilla that pulled the guys off the beaches in Dunkirk also brought all those old obsolete French bayonets with them? Yeah, Right!


D-Day Invasion Knife Repro.jpg (77766 bytes)   D-Day Invasion Knife Repro1.jpg (105945 bytes)     D-Day Invasion Knife Repro2.jpg (88861 bytes)    D-Day Invasion Knife Repro3.jpg (119811 bytes)
D-Day Invasion Knife Repro4.jpg (50166 bytes)    D-Day Invasion Knife Repro5.jpg (108837 bytes)    D-Day Invasion Knife Repro6.jpg (77978 bytes)

D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 001.jpg (125498 bytes)    D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 002.jpg (249807 bytes)    D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 003.jpg (159391 bytes)    D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 004.jpg (233317 bytes)    D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 005.jpg (158771 bytes)  D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 006.jpg (227853 bytes)      D-Day Fighting Knife IMA 007.jpg (158488 bytes)


D-Day Landing Weapon 1.JPG (27457 bytes)    D-Day Landing Weapon 2.JPG (22397 bytes)    D-Day Landing Weapon 3.JPG (20452 bytes)    D-Day Landing Weapon 4.JPG (28271 bytes)    D-Day Landing Weapon 5.JPG (21247 bytes)

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