Desert Tan Knives and Bayonets

These pieces are all over the net and can bring some pretty high prices on eBay. Typical lines like "carried in Desert Storm" or "issued to Elite Forces" are usually part of the sales pitch. Well they were made around the time of Desert Storm but just a few months too late to be in the desert with our warriors. Couple that with the fact that they were not and still are not US military items. They are pure commercial made items to ride the coattails of the popular patriotic wave.

M3_Desert1.JPG (1414529 bytes)    M3_Desert2.JPG (1329287 bytes)    M3_Desert3.JPG (1209799 bytes)    M3_Desert_NSN.JPG (999970 bytes)    M3_Desert_NSN1.JPG (693280 bytes)
The desert tan M3 model has a stainless steel blade made by Nella of Canada. These are the same blades used by the Canadian C7 bayonets.


M7_Desert1.JPG (1200956 bytes)    M7_Desert2.JPG (1578422 bytes)    M7_Desert3.JPG (1564709 bytes)
We were told these were made by General Cutlery but can not verify it. Suffice it to say they are not US government purchase items.


M10_Desert1.JPG (947830 bytes)    M10_Desert2.JPG (1001278 bytes)
The desert tan M10 scabbard. They make quite a pair and certainly do look good together with either the knife or the bayonet. These are made by an official government contractor who makes the black official scabbards. The quality it great but they still are not official US purchases.


Desert_Tan1.JPG (1275763 bytes)    Desert_Tan2.JPG (1532229 bytes)
A nice pair and very good pieces, just not real U.S. military items.

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