The Plug Bayonet

An Identification Guide For Collectors

By R.D.C. Evans

Originating in the 16th Century the plug bayonet has been in virtually continuous production until modern times - longer then any other type of bayonet. Finding acceptance as a military weapon amongst European armies for a period which extended from about 1650 to 1720, it also remained popular on the hunting field for a far longer time span. This book is a detailed study of those bayonets in that time period. Backed up by twenty years of research by the author with over 500 bayonets in half tome photos this book is the definitive study on the plug bayonet. A quality hardback book with exceptional photo sand a comprehensive bibliography. Here is your chance to receive a signed copy by the author. 

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British Bayonet Letters Patent 1721 - 1961

I have to tell you I love this book, yes I know you are thinking he loves all books, but this one is different. I have collected bayonet patents as far back as I can remember. I thought I was the only one. Well it turns out another fellow has a fascination with them as well. This study on the British Bayonet Letter Patents is exceptions. This information you will find no where else. Detailed study and line drawing reproduction is fantastic. This is a book of scholarly level on the bayonet, like Rogers other books it needs to be in your library.  

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