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Guidebook to Knives & Edged Weapons


This is one of the earliest books put together on knives. In the early stages of Knife publishing Guns & Ammo put together a crop of writers to create magazine type articles on all types of knives and their uses. While it is heavy on hunting and custom knives there is one article in this book that led me to write about some really unknown knives and correct a long standing mistake in the Cole series. The Survival Knife by Burton Miller is first hand knowledge by a guy who worked for General Curtis LeMay in developing survival equipment for the U.S. Air Force. First hand info from the guy who actually did it. Worth every cent in pure research and as a jumping off place for other research.

The Guns & Ammo Guidebook  is 8 1/2 x 11 and soft back in format with a glossy cover. The book is long out of print, it debuted in 1974, but in excellent condition. 192 pages of info and enjoyment

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