H.G. Long Knives

H.G. Long knives were imported from England by the Ek Knife Company in the 1990's. They made the V-42 reproduction and the Camillus Raider Stiletto reproduction. Both knives were of a very good quality and were marked. Just some photos to let you know what you may encounter. The H.G. Long knives are collectible unto themselves but could also be the basis for some one to alter.

HG_Long_Raider1.jpg (124397 bytes)    HG_Long_Raider2.jpg (30640 bytes)    HG_Long_Raider3.jpg (28349 bytes)    HG_Long_Raider4.jpg (23387 bytes)    HG_Long_Raider5.jpg (23575 bytes)

HG_Long_V42a.JPG (74564 bytes)    HG_Long_V42b.jpg (115495 bytes)    HG_Long_V42c.jpg (153790 bytes)    HG_Long.jpg.jpg (319365 bytes)    HG_Long2.jpg.jpg (327769 bytes)

Repro V42 HGLong 001.jpg (1737586 bytes)    Repro V42 HGLong.jpg (1363582 bytes)    Repro V42 0001.jpg (1818692 bytes)    

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