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This page is dedicated to my brother, Frank William Humes.
12/5/48 - 7/8/69 KIA RVN

Last month I received an E-Mail from my friend Frank Trzaska in which he made an offer of providing space on his web site for me to post photographs and commentary concerning my only field of collecting, the US M7 bayonet. I have displayed my M7 collection at the Allentown Forks of the Delaware gun shows on several occasions and posted photographs and write ups concerning various M7's on the Jouster Knife and Bayonet Forum, but to be given an opportunity to post on Frank's web site was truly unexpected. I immediately accepted the invitation. First, because Frank's website is always filled with expert information concerning edged weapons. Second was due to the fact that I am always willing to discuss the often overlooked M7 bayonet in all of it's various forms and variants. I look upon Frank's invitation as a true challenge. 

A little about me. I started collecting bayonets approximately ten years ago. My brother John, a gun collector, got me started by giving me some World War II bayonets. My interest in bayonets began and so I purchased some books on bayonet collecting. I started attending gun shows and flea markets with my brother and was buying all types of bayonets. I soon learned the reality of this type of bayonet collecting, it was far beyond my reach financially. I found I had to redefine what my bayonet collecting would center on and I chose the US M7 bayonet. My original thoughts were that I could start collecting M7 bayonets and soon I would have all the types made and I could expand into other types of bayonets, such as the M4's. However I soon discovered that although often overlooked by collector's and many types were quite common, the M7 bayonet family was far more extensive then I ever imagined. I soon found M7 variants in my collection that I could not even find in the most respected bayonet research books. I now find my collection of M7's has grown to over 100 different examples. The story doesn't end there because I know of different variants that exist but I have not yet been fortunate enough to find and add to my collection. 

My intention for the M7 Page is to post several different M7 bayonets monthly on this space with photographs and write ups concerning those examples.

Humes M7 01    Dedication to my brother Frank William Humes

Humes M7 02    The Colt Green Handled M7 Bayonets

Humes M7 03    The Vietnam Era M7 Bayonets

Humes M7 04    General Cutlery and Ontario Knife Co.

Humes M7_01    Humes M7_02    Humes M7_03    Humes M7_04


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