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Updated 07/16/17

I guarantee all items to be authentic and as described. I give a seven (7) business day inspection period with any purchase. If you are not happy with the knife for any reason please return it for a full refund. No reasons needed, just contact me to let me know it is coming back. If you need to return a knife please ship it insured as we can not be responsible for the postal company chosen. I prefer payment by PayPal, but will accept Cash, Money Order or Certified Check. I also accept personal checks but I have to wait 10 days or more to see if they clear if we have not done business before.

All items depicted are one of a kind so please contact me before sending money or assuming the items or item is available.

All prices are for the item shown, postage will be added to the price depending on where you want the item shipped. I will quote you on postage so contact me first.

I will hold a knife for 7 days for you. If I do not hear from you then it goes back into the list. I will do a lay a way plan, contact me and we can make the arrangements.  


I will buy or consign your collection, always looking for quality US military knives of all eras.


1295.)    Fairbairn – Sykes as new and unused blued blade still in the wrap. This is the third model blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Never assembled into a knife, it is perfect. $100.00





1310.)    M4 Bayonet blade never used. Has full Parkerized coverage with some handling marks. Has correct 90 degree run out or back cut as some call it. Never sharpened. $60.00  



1313.)    Cloth type sheath for the M1917 bayonet. Like new with correct M1910 bent hook hanger. $20.00  
(I thought these were for the training bayonet but Gary Cunningham found they were for the M1917. The trainer does not fit!)





1441.)    Leather KA-BAR USMC  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1442.)    Leather KA-BAR US ARMY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1443.)    Leather KA-BAR US NAVY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1445.)    Leather Marbles Jet Pilot knife sheath, these are left overs found in the factory circa 1999. They are a bit dirty but will clean nicely. Find another anywhere I dare you. $125.00.




1450.)     Lan-Cay Dutch contract M9 bayonet for Diemaco Co. With only 150 made this is a super rare piece, only the second one I have ever seen. Scabbard is a Lan-Cay made item but had to be made to the early Buck / Phrobis spec to be accepted for the Dutch Govt contract. Very few have ever made it to market, this one is like new mint. $750.00  



1453.)    Buck commercial sales all black M9 bayonet. As new bayonet with the proper Buck marking and 1991 date code (+) on the blade. Fill out your Buck bayonet collection with the one you are missing. $425.00  




1455.)    Model 1909 Mauser bayonet manufactured in Argentina. Numbers matching bayonet and scabbard piece with fantastic markings. Deeply struck showing all the characters along with the crest. Known as an "EA" bayonet this one is clean with some scattered pitting and minor dents. $200.00  




1457.)    Lancay M9 bayonet, first contract piece but with the second contract blade. Pretty hard to find piece and this one is new. $500.00




1459.)    Phrobis International M9A1 bayonet in Desert Tan color. An improvement to the M9 bayonet that was never adopted by the military. This is when Phrobis moved manufacturing to Spain with the new name. Great markings, Like new still in the cosmoline. $450.00



1460.)    Eickhorn Bayonet 2000 with wire cutter, made for the USMC early contract bidding but was not selected. Very few were made in this configuration before Eickhorn went bankrupt. New condition. $250.00



1461.)    Marto M9 bayonet commercial sales piece not meant for sale in the US, European sales only. This is when Phrobis moved manufacturing to Spain and had Marto making the product. As new. $400.00  



1485.)    Eickhorn Rescue Knife. Made during the same time frame as the USMC Bayonet 2000 right before Eickhorn claimed bankruptcy and closed down. One of few made. $300.00  




1486.)    Eickhorn ASEK flight crew pattern. Rescue Knife. Made during the same time frame as the USMC Bayonet 2000 right before Eickhorn claimed bankruptcy and closed down. They were part of a lawsuit for using the ASEK name. Rare piece. $300.00  



1487.)    Phrobis International M9 with black plastic scabbard and black oxide blade. One of only forty ever made. Super rare piece. $900.00  




1489.)    M9 Phrobis III three line marking / Buck commercial offering with Buck marking and dated 1987 blade. Bayonet is like new with only in and out markings showing. Pretty much like new. $350.00  



1490.)    M9 Phrobis / Buck commercial bayonet as new with in and out scabbard wear. The ricasso displays the proper 1988 date code and the four line Phrobis III marking. $350.00  



1431.)    Unknown maker on this World War Two knuckle knife. A similar knife is show in Wrights Book on page 76. The grips are undeniably made by the same person. This one has a custom made blade not from a bayonet. $600.00  Now $450.00! 




1432.)    Another unknown maker from a World War Two theatre knife. Handsome double edged stiletto is extremely well machined from a thick piece of stock and tapered expertly. The grip is leather with aluminum and brass and is all tight and correct. Come with custom fitted scabbard. A well executed set. $500.00  Now $360.00!



1467.)    Case XX marked knife obtained by a Marine and customized with a multi colored wood grip and two EGA’s in the grip. Come with a custom made leather sheath with a naked women carved in the front and USMC below it. Nice Marine Corps theatre piece. $500.00 $450.00



1468.)    A unique knuckle knife in that the grip and knuckle bow are made from wood. Carved from some sort of dark hard wood with finger grooves cut in. The 7 inch blade is showing some age patina but still bright. The heavy leather scabbard is well made and sewn and riveted tight. $325.00 Now $295.00



1469.)    This is a big one, 19 inches overall length with a 13 1/4 inch blade. The blade has some number markings on it from it’s previous life and is marked Made in USA as well. Large wood grip painted a bright yellow. The leather sheath is riveted with large copper rivets and has the USN fouled anchor on the front. $300.00  Now $275.00




1470.)    Collins No 18 pattern machete owned by a flight crew member with his name and unit engraved in the blade. Excellent condition piece with beautiful green bone handles and perfect sheath. The No 13 sheath has more curve to it then any I have ever seen, really sticks out when you see it. $550.00 Now $500.00



1472.)    Post war deaths head knife as shown in the Hughes and Jenkins book A Primer of Military Knives Part One. Know as the Middle East Commando Knives this one has the bolo blade like the Australian brush bayonet. Fine piece with a theatre made sheath of the same era. $600.00 Now $550.00 (Comes with the two Hughes and Jenkins books as part of the deal)




1477.)    Crudely made with old steel knucks brazed to a brass grip. Blade is made from a 4 sided bayonet and is 10.5 inches long. Sheath is made from a Japanese rubberized canvas frog with a leather covered and stitched body. Very unique and cool piece. $500.00 Now $450.00



1479.)    Extra Large theatre knife made from a Collins No 18 machete. Has stacked Plexiglas and aluminum grip with a steel guard and steel pommel carved into the shape of a Fox head. Comes with a Collins No 13 sheath. Cool WW II art piece. $200.00 Now $175.00




1481.)    Aussie made Officers model bronze knucks knife. Hard to find piece with the correct cast grip made during WW II. Excellent condition with a bit of minor sharpening. $650.00  Now $600.00




1495.)    Western L77 Commando knife with blued blade. Has minor sharpening but blade is full. Tight leather grip with Western Patented split grip and aluminum pommel. Come with M8 sheath used as a wartime replacement. $225.00 Now $200.00




1504.)    Western 5 inch hunting knife with slim line blade. Blade is full and handle is tight. Typical Western split tang construction come with proper Western double stitched scabbard. $125.00 Now $115.00



1505.)    Beautiful theatre knife 7.5 inch clip point bowie blade, Handle is made from Micarta brass and aluminum and is solid and tight. Sheath is custom made for the knife and in excellent condition as is the knife. A nice rig. $125.00 $115.00




1510.)    Leather wrapped stiletto made from the center section of a M 1913 Patton Saber. Great looking piece with superb leather on the grip section. Missing the butt cap but shows us how they were assembled with layers of steel on both sides of the blade to make the grip wider for a comfortable hold. $250.00 Now $225.00



1511.)    New Zealand Cutlers Co of Auckland NZ Fighting knife. As shown in Flooks book as plate 519 with a highly decorated sheath. Blade has patina and has been sharpened. Handle is great condition.  This knife was a user and carried. $old



1512.)    John Ek Model 1 knife with the Hamden Conn marking from WW II. Full blade and grip with the large poured lead rivets and exposed tang. Leather sheath with a name on the back I can not make out. Nice piece, could use a cleaning. $old




1513.)    Knife Crafters leather wrapped grip sword blade knife. Knife crafters had a unique style of making knives and it has stood the test of time, they still look great. This one has a plastic covered snap that has DERBY impressed in it, never noticed that before. $old  



1514.)    The classic “Drop Knife” with rubber hose grip, bayonet blade and iron knuckle guard. The real story is still unknown but rumors abound on these. A formidable weapon in any case and this is a great one. $250.00  



1515.)    Leather wrapped Patton sword blade knife. This one has the early LF&C hilt section with the very good markings. It is early and serialized, it also has the screaming chicken inspectors marking. A very nice piece, $old

Classic Books On Sale

B001.) The American Bayonet by Albert Hardin $100.00

B002.) Cole Book One paperback by MH Cole $50.00  

B003.) Cole Book III Second printing 1981 Fine condition $125.00 New

B004.) Cole Book IV Numbered First printing as new with mail in card still inside $175.00 New

B005.) Fighting Knives by Stephens Fine condition $50.00 New

B006.) Bayonets of the Remington Ctg Period by Janzen $100.00

B007.) Collectors Guide to Ames Military Edged Weapons by Hickox $20.00

B008.) US Military Knives 1941 to 1991 Silvey $350.00 New

B009.) Light But Efficient by Hardin $25.00

B011.) Swords and Blades of the American Revolution by Neumann $25.00

B013.) British Military Bayonets by Latham $25.00

B015.) The German Bayonet by Walter $25.00

B017.) The Bayonet by Walter & Carter $20.00

B019.) A Primer of German Military Knives by Hughes $10.00

B020.) The Collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets by Stephens. $20.00

B021.) A Primer of World Bayonets Parts 1 & 2 by Walter & Hughes $40.00

B022.) Guide to Foreign & US Bayonets by Ernst $10.00

B023.) Bayonet Markings, A Guide for Collectors by Davidson $10.00

B024.) Bayonets of the World Vol 1 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B025.) Bayonets of the World Vol 2 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B026.) Bayonets of the World Vol 3 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

Priced to sell we have limited availability on these out of print books. These are the best prices I have seen, we need to move them out. To see other books we have for sale please visit the Books section of this web site for many diverse and hard to find titles. Just click here

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