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I guarantee all items to be authentic and as described. I give a seven (7) business day inspection period with any purchase. If you are not happy with the knife for any reason please return it for a full refund. No reasons needed, just contact me to let me know it is coming back. If you need to return a knife please ship it insured as we can not be responsible for the postal company chosen. I prefer payment by PayPal, but will accept Cash, Money Order or Certified Check. I also accept personal checks but I have to wait 10 days or more to see if they clear if we have not done business before.

All items depicted are one of a kind so please contact me before sending money or assuming the item or items are available.

All prices are for the item shown, postage will be added to the price depending on where you want the item shipped. I will quote you on postage so contact me first.

I will hold a knife for 7 days for you. If I do not hear from you then it goes back into the list. I will do a lay a way plan, contact me and we can make the arrangements.  


I will buy or consign your collection, always looking for quality US military knives of all eras.


1296.)    US M3 Camillus blade marked M3 blade only. As new in the sealed bag Camillus blued M3 blade that was never assembled into a knife. Right from the Camillus factory sale. $100.00  Have multiples of this one




1313.)    Cloth type sheath for the US M1917 bayonet. Like new with correct M1910 bent hook hanger. $20.00  Have multiples of this one




1441.)    Leather KA-BAR USMC  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00 Have multiples of this one



1442.)    Leather KA-BAR US ARMY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00 Have multiples of this one



1443.)    Leather KA-BAR US NAVY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00 Have multiples of this one



2029.) As new unmarked KA-BAR Mk2 brown leather sheath. Fresh in the bag from the sheath maker, first quality item. $20.00 Have multiples.



2030.) As new marked KA-BAR Mk2 black leather sheath. Fresh in the bag from the sheath maker, first quality item. $20.00 Have multiples.



2031.) As new unmarked sewn in Jet Pilots Knife brown leather sheath. The latest version with the full protector backing. Made for the newer flight harness with pocket for a knife. $20.00 Have Multiples.



2036.) M8A1 Vietnam era proper scabbard made by TWB or The Working Blind Co. They had a few contracts. Used Very Good condition with no cracks. $25.00  




1788.)    Prototype Benchmark JFKSWC knife in as new condition. Circa 1984 Benchmark received an order from the JFK Special Warfare Center for the TAC-II. They requested a different pommel, one that could be used for hammering. This is that prototype they submitted for that project. The blade is marked BenchMark / by Gerber and serial numbered 000000. This is a one of a kind Special Forces knife retained by the factory. A super piece for an advanced Special Forces collection. This is the knife recently featured in the Knife Magazine article on these Special Forces knives. $2400.00 Now $2100.00!!




2026.) Rarest of the rare for you American Bayonet collectors out there. We feature a Confederate Shotgun Bayonet Created by the Mobile Alabama State Depot for use with double barrel shotgun that every southerner owned. This one is  in excellent condition with the spring steel retainer in place and operational. Shown in the Maddox book Collecting Bayonets and featured this month in the Assoc. French Bayonets Collectors Newsletter. I can’t begin to tell you how rare this one is, it is the only one I have ever held in over 50 years of collecting. $3750.00  



2027.) Ames Model of 1841 USN Naval Boarding Cutlass. Another rarity as the Navy was small in these inter war years prior to the Civil War, additionally in which these were out dated but did indeed serve. Complete with the extremely rare leather scabbard with full length copper rivets. The scabbard is still soft and pliable with minor crazing but is missing the tip chape. The story with this one is it was captured and used by the Confederacy so had the USN and name markings removed. Both of the items above, the bayonet and the cutlass are fresh finds right out of Alabama. $2750.00  




2048.) Camillus TL-29 with three line stamping from modern Camilus era. This one has a black plastic grip and nickel silver and brass fittings. Still has the packaging oil coating the blades, Like new, great pocket knife. $35.00  




2063.) Modern life raft kit knife by unknown maker. This is a new one to me, it is of the WW II era design using new materials. The blade is blued, wood grip painted yellow and wrapped with a yellow electrical type tape. Has what looks like a partial NSN inked on it. Snap pulled through but is still there otherwise like new. $25.00




2077.) Very Nice Bowie blade marked VOGEL deeply stamped. 8.25 inch blade that is 1.25 wide. Heavy iron fittings with sculpted double guard. Jigged bone made to look like stag held in place with 6 iron pins. Correct leather sheath is still soft and supple. $1000.00



2078.) British Rocket Brand Registered Made in Sheffield. Patterned after the AF0100 or US M1942 machetes. Wood grip with a No. 3 type handle. Comes with an unmarked military pattern leather sheath. $45.00






1938.) OSS Smatchet. The early version with the wood grip and white metal pommel. Piece shows use with some dings and nicks. Most were never used and put away in a locker. Comes with a correct brown leather sheath with retaining strap and belt loop still intact. History here… $850.00 $650.00




1951.) Utica Jet Pilots Knife. I remember looking for years to find my first one of these knives, pre internet days. Although very hard to find they do turn up from time to time. This one shows age patina but has the factory edge intact. As with the last two Uticas I have had this one has the top of the guard removed. Super hard to find knife in great condition with proper sheath and stone. $395.00  NOW $325.00




1992.) Another oddity, a Camillus made “Key, Cowl Fastener” Tool. Made under military contact in the late 1950’s Camillus had a contract for these. It took me years to find one with the proper Camillus stamp. This one does have a cracked and missing chunk from one grip so only $40.00 NOW $25.00



2045.) Another Theatre knife with this one made from a file. The file blade is 8.5 inches long and overall it is 13.5 inches. The steel grip was chrome plated but it is peeling. The guard and pommel are curved and plated as well. Nice $45.00  Now $30.00



3015.) Egyptian AKM bayonet. Extremely rare AKM bayo with some of the original cosmoline packing grease on it. Has the correct black rubber throat, leather belt loop and locking stud and green canvas cloth thong. Super Piece. $150.00





3023.) Australian See Through utility knife with aluminum grip. Blade is 6 3-4 inches long and has been sharpened. Knife was from the Mike Silvey Collection and comes with a letter from Mike stating it with a photo. $350.00




3025.) German Presentation bayonet blade made by WKC and marked with their logo that has been re-handled with a Theatre type grip consisting of Aluminum, Micarta and Plexi-glass. Extremely well done with super workmanship. $350.00




3027.) Australian V-44 with wood grip and brass guard. Nice unmarked Australian V-44 jungle knife with wood grips held in place with two copper pins. Had a fine line crack repair done along the wood grain a long time ago. Full blade has had some sharpening but it is all there. Correct leather sheath. $350.00




3032.) Theatre modified Nazi bayonet. Typical German 84/98 type bayonet that has been modified with the plexi-glass grips and a part of a German flag or banner under the grips. No numbers or markings of any kind that I can see. Has proper scabbard and leather frog in place. Excellent plus condition. $400.00



3043.) Spanish Mauser bayonet. Bayonet with blued blade and checkered wood grips. Artillery model with serial number. Come with leather sheath with blued fittings. Thread is pulled on sheath back but leather is still pliable and fittings intact. $40.00



3053.) Unmarked small New Caledonia fighting knife. Made from the tip of an antler and the blade is from a FS knife. Has the full brass cross guard and single brass pin holding it on. Come with a heavy leather sheath with leather thong and retaining strap with snap. Cool piece. $200.00




3054.) British Smatchet with original rubber grip. These smatchet with the original grip in place are super rare. The grips get soft and crack over time and most are long gone. This is one still intact and almost completely here. The blade was put away wet and has the full covered light pitting and patina but is still full with out sharpening and has the tip intact. Come with the proper leather covered wood scabbard with belt loop. Crazy hard to find knife. $500.00




3061.) Unmarked New Caledonia fighting knife. Made from the typical antler fork and the blade is from a wide piece of steel. Blade is 8 inches long and 1 3-8 wide. Has the full brass cross guard and two brass pins holding it on. Come with a heavy leather sheath with retaining strap with snap. Cool piece. $300.00




3063.) Awesome Theatre Made D guard knuckle knife. Has a 9 inch blade, sheet brass guard with leather grip and red spacers. Cast lead peened pommel is a rounded skull cracker. Comes ina hand made double stitched leather sheath with NEW GUINEA stamped into the front. Super cool piece! $275.00





3070.) Camillus Rope knife made for the Canadian Navy in 1915 and so marked. This knife is dated on the main blade 1915 and has the C / Broad Arrow marking on the marline spike. Beautiful bone grips and pinched bolster. Has the copper bail intact and operational. The main blade has been sharpened so you get a bargain at $125.00




3073.) Another New Caledonia Noumea marked knife with a 6 3-4 inch steel blade. Has the engraved brass guard and two pin construction typical of all these knives. Come with a nice leather scabbard also typical of the type used. A top set of these scarce knives. $350.00



3074.) Camillus 4 line WW II made pocket knife marked MD-USN. A scarce piece issued in much smaller numbers that the USA markins this one has four full blades and great snap. All steel wartime construction and bone scales. Blades have some dark spots that could be cleaned if that is your choice. $150.00




3076.) Kutmaster 3 blade utility knife. Built on the stockman design this knife is US Property Marked on the main clip point blade. 3 Line marking from Utica using their Kutmaster logo. Imitation bone made from Delrin type plastic, has brass liners and nickel silver bolsters. Unused but showing some signs of a darkening on the rear side. I have carried these knives as personal pocket knives over the years and they are extremely versatile and do come in handy. $65.00




3077.) Cattaraugus Small Navy Jack knife. This is the World War One “New Model” Navy knife built on the small pocket frame. Extremely hard to find knife this one is in excellent condition. Blades are bright and unsharpened having the three line Catt Little Valley marking. Bone scales are fantastic as is the nickel silver bolsters and the bail. Shown in Silveys Pocket Knives of the US Military. Super nice knife from a long gone era. $225.00



Classic Books On Sale


B001.) The American Bayonet by Albert Hardin $100.00  

B002.) American Socket Bayonets 1717 - 1873 by Webster $10.00

B006.) Bayonets of the Remington Ctg Period by Janzen $100.00

B007.) Collectors Guide to Ames Military Edged Weapons by Hickox $20.00

B009.) Light But Efficient by Hardin $20.00  

B010.) A History of Knives by Peterson $10.00

B012.) The Skinning Knife by MH Cole $50.00

B014.) The Japanese Bayonet by Johnson $125.00

B017.) The Bayonet by Walter & Carter $20.00  

B020.) The Collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets by Stephens. $20.00  

B021.) Confederate Edged Weapons by Albaugh $40.00

B022.) Guide to Foreign & US Bayonets by Ernst $10.00

B023.) Bayonet Markings, A Guide for Collectors by Davidson $10.00

B024.) Bayonets of the World Vol 1 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B025.) Bayonets of the World Vol 2 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B026.) Bayonets of the World Vol 3 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00  

B027.) Small Arms of the Sea Services by Rankin $40.00

B030.) A Collectors Guide to Swords, Daggers & Cutlasses by Weland $10.00

B031.) Daggers and Bayonets: A History by Thompson $10.00

B036.) German Military Combat Dress by Ellis $5.00

B038.) Collins Machetes and Bowies by Henry $65.00

B039.) World Bayonets 1800 to the Present by Carter $10.00

B043.) British Military Swords 1800 to Present by Wilkinson-Latham $20.00

B045.) American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century by Cunningham $20.00

B047.) Kalashnikov Bayonets by Ivie $45.00

B049.) Atlas de la Baionnette (Set of 2) by Kiesling & Vial $75.00

B51.) The Bayonet Book by Watts & White (no dust cover) $275.00

B52.) Arms and Armour by Norman $10.00

Priced to sell, we have limited availability on these out of print books. These are the best prices I have seen, we need to move them out.  

All the best

Frank Trzaska


Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading through the list. If you find something you like let me know. I can be reached at or (New Phone Number) 856 628 3547 or

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These items are sold as historical and collectible items only. The items are warranted to be as described and shown in the photographs. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied as to the usability of the items for its original purpose. The buyer, certifies that he or she is of lawful age and is not prevented by any law from the purchase or possession of these items. The buyer is responsible for knowing, understanding and obeying all Federal, State and Local laws concerning the purchase and possession of this item.

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