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Updated 11/19/17

I guarantee all items to be authentic and as described. I give a seven (7) business day inspection period with any purchase. If you are not happy with the knife for any reason please return it for a full refund. No reasons needed, just contact me to let me know it is coming back. If you need to return a knife please ship it insured as we can not be responsible for the postal company chosen. I prefer payment by PayPal, but will accept Cash, Money Order or Certified Check. I also accept personal checks but I have to wait 10 days or more to see if they clear if we have not done business before.

All items depicted are one of a kind so please contact me before sending money or assuming the items or item is available.

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I will hold a knife for 7 days for you. If I do not hear from you then it goes back into the list. I will do a lay a way plan, contact me and we can make the arrangements.  


I will buy or consign your collection, always looking for quality US military knives of all eras.


1295.)    Fairbairn – Sykes as new and unused blued blade still in the wrap. This is the third model blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Never assembled into a knife, it is perfect. $100.00





1310.)    M4 Bayonet blade never used. Has full Parkerized coverage with some handling marks. Has correct 90 degree run out or back cut as some call it. Never sharpened. $60.00  



1313.)    Cloth type sheath for the M1917 bayonet. Like new with correct M1910 bent hook hanger. $20.00  
(I thought these were for the training bayonet but Gary Cunningham found they were for the M1917. The trainer does not fit!)





1441.)    Leather KA-BAR USMC  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1442.)    Leather KA-BAR US ARMY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1443.)    Leather KA-BAR US NAVY  marked current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. $15.00



1445.)    Leather Marbles Jet Pilot knife sheath, these are left overs found in the factory circa 1999. They are a bit dirty but will clean nicely. Find another anywhere I dare you. Made for the Marbles 6 inch JPK  but will work with the Camillus as well. $125.00.




1457.)    Lancay M9 bayonet, first contract piece but with the second contract blade. Pretty hard to find piece and this one is new. $500.00




1459.)    Phrobis International M9A1 bayonet in Desert Tan color. An improvement to the M9 bayonet that was never adopted by the military. This is when Phrobis moved manufacturing to Spain with the new name. Great markings, Like new still in the cosmoline. $450.00



1460.)    Eickhorn Bayonet 2000 with wire cutter, made for the USMC early contract bidding but was not selected. Very few were made in this configuration before Eickhorn went bankrupt. New condition. $250.00



1461.)    Marto M9 bayonet commercial sales piece not meant for sale in the US, European sales only. This is when Phrobis moved manufacturing to Spain and had Marto making the product. As new. $400.00  



1485.)    Eickhorn Rescue Knife. Made during the same time frame as the USMC Bayonet 2000 right before Eickhorn claimed bankruptcy and closed down. One of few made. $300.00  




1486.)    Eickhorn ASEK flight crew pattern. Rescue Knife. Made during the same time frame as the USMC Bayonet 2000 right before Eickhorn claimed bankruptcy and closed down. They were part of a lawsuit for using the ASEK name. Rare piece. $300.00  



1487.)    Phrobis International M9 with black plastic scabbard and black oxide blade. One of only forty ever made. Super rare piece. $900.00  




1490.)    M9 Phrobis / Buck commercial bayonet as new with in and out scabbard wear. The ricasso displays the proper 1988 date code and the four line Phrobis III marking. $350.00  





1432.)    Another unknown maker from a World War Two theatre knife. Handsome double edged stiletto is extremely well machined from a thick piece of stock and tapered expertly. The grip is leather with aluminum and brass and is all tight and correct. Come with custom fitted scabbard. A well executed set. $500.00  Now $325.00!



1468.)    A unique knuckle knife in that the grip and knuckle bow are made from wood. Carved from some sort of dark hard wood with finger grooves cut in. The 7 inch blade is showing some age patina but still bright. The heavy leather scabbard is well made and sewn and riveted tight. $325.00 Now $265.00



1481.)    Aussie made Officers model bronze knucks knife. Hard to find piece with the correct cast grip made during WW II. Excellent condition with a bit of minor sharpening. $650.00  Now $510.00



1554.)    A very rare aluminum handled knife based on the blade of the Delta Knife. I have seen a very few around and do not know the origin of these but do know it is a very scarce model. Cool piece. $350.00 Now $315.00




1559.)    Robbins Dudley post war made push dagger. Overall excellent shape with no damage. Comes with a great leather sheath. Fantastic display piece and hard to find. $350.00 Now $315.00




1563.)    Kennedy Arms St Paul Min aluminum gripped knife that is double stamped having the makers name Moore MPLS stamped into it as well. These dual stamped knives are great as they led us to knowing the story of them. Come with a Kennedy Arms logo stamped leather sheath. Nice Piece. $200.00  Now $180.00




1564.)    British Joseph Rodgers survival floating raft knife with canvas glue in piece never used. Come with correct sheaths and tie down string attached. As new. $75.00  Now $70.00




1576.)    Unmarked Case Stiletto from the WW II period. Full blade with leather grip and cast aluminum pommel in the correct leather sheath. Appears this was a Parkerized version. $200.00  Now $150.00




1578.)    FS Knife made in the 1970’s to 1980’s and marked Sheffield England on the ricasso. Excellent condition with like new scabbard. One small spot on the blade away from perfect. $125.00  Now $85.00




1580.)    Utica Cutlery Co. Jet Pilots knife. The rarest of the rare JPK the Uticas are super hard to find. It took me years to get my first one. This one has had the top 1-2 inch of the guard removed by a previous owner so I got it priced at a reasonable price. $450.00  Now $345.00




1592.)    Like new blued Fairbairn Sykes knife. Made by J Nowill and stamped as such on the guard. It is also stamped with the Broad Arrow and H in a Diamond code. Like new sheath as well. $125.00  Now $85.00




1620.)     US marked M9 bayonet as made by Lancay. This is one of one hundred made in this pattern in black without a sharpening stone in the sheath. A super rare M9 in like new condition. $450.00  Now $325.00



1621.)    US marked M9 bayonet as made by Lancay. This is one of one hundred made in this pattern in black with a sharpening stone in the sheath. A super rare M9 in like new condition. $450.00 Now $325.00 (As above but with a stone mounted scabbard)




1635.)    M10 black plastic bayonet scabbard as new in the packaging. $25.00   





1645.)    Bark River Knives Ek Model 2 replica made with new and improved materials. Correct leather sheath with double retaining straps. Like New $125.00  Now $100.00



1646.)    Conetta made Fighting Utility knife made during the Vietnam era. Blade has some use and sharpening, minor age patina around guard. Has the proper scabbard with the fellows name carved in the front. Will clean up if you want to. $125.00  Now $95.00




1677.)    OSS Smatchet with bright blade and large black plastic grip. This is a Case made Smatchet as described by Albert Baer in his notes that was made for the OSS. A beautiful piece in excellent condition with proper leather sheath. It would be near impossible to upgrade this one. $1500.00  Now $1350.00




1687.)    German SIPO Spring Cosh Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo) was the name of the combined forces of the Gestapo (secret state police) and the Kripo (criminal police) between 1936 and the start of WW2 in Sept 1939. On September 27 1939 Reichsführer-SS Himmler created the RSHA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt) by merging the SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) with the police SIPO and KRIPO. The SiPo was a sub-department of the SS until the end of the war. Its stated duty was to find and eliminate "enemies" of the Third Reich. Excellent plus condition $700.00  Now $625.00





1701.)    Collins Legitimus No. 1250 dated 1943. Made for the Canadian government in 1943 this is the distinctive pattern they used throughout the war. Sheath is marked H. Carson Co. LTD / Ottawa 1943. $ 75.00




1703.)    British Golok machete made by Elwell and dated 1964. This is the pattern used in the Malayan Emergency and the raid on Son Tay. Full blade and tight grip, blade does have pitting. Sheath is marked with pattern and date as well. Prime wartime made piece. $60.00




1704.)    Rocket Brand Registered Made in Sheffield. Patterned after the AF0100 or US M1942 machetes. Blade is mill finished with pitting. Wood grip with a No. 3 type handle. Comes with a and unmarked leather sheath. $45.00




1706.)    Very Old British Parang type machete. No makers mark but does have the V.R. with Crown marking which dates is from 1819 to 1901. Steel blade has a full length fuller cut in to it. Wood grip is held with two screws and a brass collar. Has wear and use with some patina covering the full blade. Some pitting on the blade. Oldest machete I have seen $175.00




1707.)    Diecasters Ltd. Bush machete. Has the distinctive D C marking with the D arrow D and 1945 stamping. Grip is a brown flecked Bakelight with deep cross hatching. Comes with the proper Australian web type sheath. Super hard to find Australian piece. $125.00




1708.)    True Temper US M1942 machete. Dated 1943 this is the TT-18-B model with the black bakelight grip in the No. 6 pattern. Has an unmarked canvas sheath that is split in the front. Nice war use piece. $45.00



1709.)    Ontario Knife Co. US M1942 machete dated 1943. This is the proper WW II machete as made by Ontario. Blade is pitted. Comes with a tag stating carried by SSG XXX along with his address when he landed at Hiroshima to inspect damage 1 2 months after the bombing. Has a Boyt 1944 dated sheath. $50.00



1710.)    Collins Legitimus No 128 in bright finish. Has the No. 3 type plastic grip that is a bit loose. No sheath. 36 inches overall. $45.00



1711.)    Coroneta marked No. 127 machete made in El Salvador. This is a Collins Look a Like that was intended to confuse and fool the purchaser, it is not a Collins machete. In any case a nice No. 127 that is almost like new. $50.00



1712.)    Collins Legitimus No. 127 This is the real No. 127 as made by Collins. 23 inches overall with the No. 6 grip a great user of a machete for your own adventures! $45.00




1719.)    Collins No 843 24” inch blade machete with a number 6 plastic grip. Here is one you don’t see everyday with a very distinctive blade shaped swell to the back for added weight and cutting power. Has pitting so $75.00



1720.)    Collins No. 875 with 21 inch blade. As made rough mill scale forged blade finish with deep struck Collins Legitimus and logo. $75.00



1721.)    Solingen made 23 inch blade machete with rounded smooth horn grips. I can not make out the makers marking on it but can read the SOLINGEN part of it. $45.00



1722.)    A beautiful as new Collins tourist machete. 24 inch blade with original Collins sticker on it and nice tooled leather sheath. Super condition. $65.00



1723.)    Martindale made No. 460 machete with 22 inch blade and smooth No 3 type plastic grips. Nicely marked piece. $65.00



1724.)    Another Martindale made machete but this is a No. 1820 with a 14 inch blade. As new piece with good markings and a hard to find design. $45.00




1726.)    SWI USMC marked machete. These were made by Ontario Knife Co for the Schreck Wholesale Inc company and marked with the USMC and dated 1944 as a fantasy piece to sell for $1.00 higher in price. They are Not official USMC gear but fool folks all the time. Like new piece. $45.00




1728.)    USN Mk-2 Collins Legitimus machete. This is the Collins No 128 based piece made for the Navy in 1944. Blade has some rust and pitting so $45.00



1729.)    True Temper M1942 machete with green plastic grip and dated 1945. Comes with a Williamsville Buff marked green canvas sheath. $45.00



1730.)    A decorative stamped and engraved commemorative machete with the words to the first stanza of the Mexican National Anthem. Many cities are named in the Mexican War for Independence, Mexican scenes and VIVA MEXICO in large letters. Green bone grip with decorated copper pins. Very Cool machete. $75.00



1731.)    Another decorated and engrave machete with the Spanish words engraved, I Don’t Mind Dying / For My Country on both sides of the blade. Has decorated leather sheath and green horn grips as well. No maker marks, has blade pitting. $75.00



1732.)    A highly decorated Collins machete made in Guatemala without a model number on it. Like new machete and sheath still has the proper paper tag on it. Great piece to mount on a wall! $65.00



1733.)    Looks to be a large Martindale made in Birmingham but it is completely unmarked. Blade length is 24 inches with a large upswing at the tip. Has wood grip and blade pitting. $45.00



1734.)    Collins and Co. small machete made in Guatemala and unnumbered. Blade is painted red that is typical of this pattern that most resembles a number 30. $45.00



1735.)    Martindale made in Birmingham England No. 1702 machete. Has a classic wood grip and 20 inch blade. Excellent over all condition piece. $45.00



1736.)    Collins and Co. Hartford made No. 1055 pattern machete. Blade has sharpening and pitting but is solid. This one has the USA marking that was discontinued right at WW II so this is a pre 1941 made machete. Has a No. 9 grip which is also unusual. I don’t think I have ever had one of these before. $45.00



1737.)    Collins and Co. Model No. 30 machete with 22 inch blade (the longest available) and wood No. 3 grip. Has the natural finish and small remnants of the paper tag in place, never used machete covered in a fine patina. The quintessential Collins machete. $45.00



1738.)     Murphy Combat knife. A beautiful unmarked Murphy putting it early in the models existence. Long sweeping clip point is a tell tale to the exact maker. Owner decorated proper Murphy sheath. $350.00



1741.)    The ultimate Richtig Fighting Stiletto. This is the knife shown in Coles Book IV, the knife Mr Cole held while drawing that photo. Own an iconic knife in an iconic book. A large stiletto with a blade measuring 7.5 inches in length. The double edged blade has no loss from sharpening. The grip is solid and tight. The brass is left as found. This is knife is in appropriate age condition but could be cleaned up to superb if you choose to do so. It does have a small nick in the blade on one edge but aside from that it is a SUPER piece. Has the proper Alfred Cornish sheath tapered for the stiletto style. $2750.00



1742.)    The ultimate US Bayonet, The Krag Bowie Bayonet. A super condition piece with full blade, tight grip and working pommel. Blued scabbard with minor dent in the rear does not detract at all to this near perfect piece. $2000.00  



1743.)    Collins No. 128 machete with number 3 black plastic grip and number 13 leather sheath. Excellent condition lightly used machete that was the fore runner to the M1939. $75.00



1744.)    Unknown brand that is lightly marked but does have the N. 127 stamped well and deep, Come with a great green horn grip, brass rivets and a USN cloth type sheath. $45.00



1745.)    Collins M1939 machete with number 3 black plastic grip and leather sheath. Excellent condition M1939 / No. 128 with the 1941 date. Unmarked sheath is a rarity. $100.00



1746.)    Collins M1939 machete with number 3 black plastic grip and leather sheath. This one is dated 1942 so has the inverted logo. Comes with USM Mk2 cloth type sheath that is water stained $65.00



1747.)    Collins M1939 machete with number 3 black plastic grip and leather sheath. Excellent condition M1939 / No. 128 with the inverted logo dated 1942. Comes with a Collins number 13 leather sheath. $75.00



1748.)    Collins No. 1005 Engineers machete with full wood grip and proper leather and brass sheath. Lightly marked with the proper sword stamp and 1005. Heavy piece. $75.00



1749.)    Collins / Cruver USAAF survival pack machete sometimes referred to as the OSS drop machete. This is the full pointed tip version. It come with a Collins leather sheath that is covering the grip for protection in a pouch type design. Has seen use and sharpening so only $165.00



1750.)    Collins USN 20 inch machete based off of the No. 30 design. The Navy did not give this one a designation like Mk1 or 2 or 3 so it is some  what of an anomaly in naming. Nice condition USN with proper sheath by HOTZE, a really hard to find piece. $125.00



1751.)    Here we have an M3 that has an altered pommel. This knife is the exact knife shown in Cole Bk IV on page 152, own the knife Mr Cole held while he drew that picture. PAL guard marked knife in great condition with M8 scabbard. $450.00



1752.)    This is the Australian pattern pilots leg machete as made for the American Fliers in that part of the world. Marked on the aluminum grip with USAAF initials. Blade has full patina coverage and no sheath so only$75.00



1753.)    Case XX folding machete from fliers survival kit. Nice condition folding machete with guard. $75.00



1754.)    Model of 1917 Trench Knife by Landers, Frary and Clark. The knife is in great condition but what really makes this one stand above the others is the original shipping tube it has on the blade, when is the last time you have ever seen one of these that survived? Great piece not many others have I bet. $450.00



1755.)    Northfield UN X LD sheath knife made for the locals going overseas during World War Two. If you showed up at the door and asked for a sheath knife this is what you would get. Talk about rare, when have you ever seen one of these for sale? I can only ever remember seeing two of these in all  the years I have been collecting. Missing from just about every collection here we have a real scarce knife. This one was featured in my article for Knife World on Northfield. $850.00



1756.)    A. C. Cornelison large knife with aluminum grips and heavy thick blade. Overall it is a 19 inch piece. This knife was shown in my Knife World article, Cornelison stated he made three in 1939 and two in 1940 so this is surely one hard to find knife, do you know of another one? $650.00

Classic Books On Sale

B001.) The American Bayonet by Albert Hardin $100.00

B002.) Cole Book One paperback by MH Cole $50.00  

B003.) Cole Book III Second printing 1981 Fine condition $125.00 New

B005.) Fighting Knives by Stephens Fine condition $50.00 New

B006.) Bayonets of the Remington Ctg Period by Janzen $100.00

B007.) Collectors Guide to Ames Military Edged Weapons by Hickox $20.00

B008.) US Military Knives 1941 to 1991 Silvey $325.00 New

B009.) Light But Efficient by Hardin $25.00

B011.) Swords and Blades of the American Revolution by Neumann $25.00

B013.) British Military Bayonets by Latham $25.00

B015.) The German Bayonet by Walter $25.00

B017.) The Bayonet by Walter & Carter $20.00

B019.) A Primer of German Military Knives by Hughes $10.00

B020.) The Collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets by Stephens. $20.00

B021.) A Primer of World Bayonets Parts 1 & 2 by Walter & Hughes $40.00

B022.) Guide to Foreign & US Bayonets by Ernst $10.00

B023.) Bayonet Markings, A Guide for Collectors by Davidson $10.00

B024.) Bayonets of the World Vol 1 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B025.) Bayonets of the World Vol 2 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

B026.) Bayonets of the World Vol 3 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00

Priced to sell we have limited availability on these out of print books. These are the best prices I have seen, we need to move them out. To see other books we have for sale please visit the Books section of this web site for many diverse and hard to find titles. Just click here

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