M1900 Krag Bowie Bayonet

This bayonet being a very high dollar item is ripe for the picking. Here we show a welded example of a repro blade being added to a Krag bayonet handle. Examine them well. This one stands out, many do not. The scabbard frog shouts repro.

M1900_Bowie_Weld.JPG (307619 bytes)   M1900_Bowie_Weld2.JPG (312635 bytes)    


Krag_Bowie.jpg (27813 bytes)    Krag_Bowie1.jpg (36283 bytes)    Krag_Bowie2.jpg (37087 bytes)    Krag_Bowie3.jpg (39617 bytes)    Krag_Bowie4.jpg (37492 bytes)
Note in this series of photos the repro has been plated and the plating is wearing off.



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