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This one is also rampant with recent reproductions. In the past we would occasionally see a remarked blade but they were so common and so inexpensive it was not worth the trouble to the fakers of the world. That is changing somewhat today.


M1917_Repro1z.JPG (47568 bytes)    M1917_Repro2z.JPG (63190 bytes)    M1917_Repro3z.JPG (40065 bytes)    M1917_Repro4z.JPG (75112 bytes)    M1917_Repro5z.JPG (84702 bytes)

Know what you are looking for and what you are looking at. These are all fantasy pieces with reproduction scabbards. Beware.

M1917_Fake.jpg.JPG (39850 bytes)    M1917_Fake1.jpg.JPG (77477 bytes)    M1917_Fake2.jpg.JPG (74109 bytes)   

This is a real M1917 as made by Remington with the center of the circle ground down and a W stamped in it. It fooled me until I took it out into the light. 


 M1917_Fake1.jpg (50079 bytes)        M1917_Fake2.JPG (191326 bytes)        M1917_Fake3.jpg (190926 bytes)    M1917_Fake4.jpg (180947 bytes)    M1917_Fake5.jpg (157693 bytes)    M1917_Fake6.jpg (161653 bytes)    M1917_Fake7.jpg (156135 bytes)    M1917_Fake8.jpg (187856 bytes)

This is a current model of one reproduction available. Note the scabbard is not like any ever made so it is easy to spot. The markings on the bayonet are a give away.



M1917_Repro.jpg (99795 bytes)    M1917_Repro2.jpg (122349 bytes)    M1917_Repro3.jpg (75821 bytes)    M1917_Repro4.jpg (132704 bytes)    M1917_Repro5.jpg (150361 bytes)    M1917_Scabbard_Repro.jpg (136711 bytes)    M1917_Scabbard_Repro1.jpg (113915 bytes)    M1917_Scabbard_Repro2.jpg (104159 bytes)    M1917_Scabbard_Repro3.jpg (221984 bytes)

Another current version now available, this one is not marked like any real bayonet. The scabbard is much closer but still easy to tell the difference.


1917_Winchester_Fake.jpg (266051 bytes)    1917_Winchester_Fake1.jpg (264276 bytes)    1917_Winchester_Fake2.jpg (255253 bytes)

Look closely... beware


M1917 Winchester engraved fake 001.JPG (21775 bytes)    M1917 Winchester engraved fake 002.JPG (20968 bytes)    M1917 Winchester engraved fake 003.JPG (17833 bytes)    M1917 Winchester engraved fake.JPG (19319 bytes)

This is a Remington with the Winchester W engraved in it. Note the Remington eagle and inspection marks on the reverse as well as the horrible engraving job. 


M1917 IMA Repro 001.jpg (342152 bytes)    M1917 IMA Repro 002.jpg (494295 bytes)    M1917 IMA Repro 003.jpg (254899 bytes)    M1917 IMA Repro 004.jpg (569371 bytes)    M1917 IMA Repro 005.jpg (552900 bytes)    M1917 IMA Repro 006.jpg (529983 bytes)

IMA M1917 Repro



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