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This one is also rampant with reproductions. In the past M3 knives were extremely hard to come by, prior to the release of thousands of them in the 1990's. The M6 sheath was even harder to find. Since the release of all the M3's folks have been looking for and paying top dollar for a nice M6 sheath to go with the knife. We also have the re-enacter crowd who just wants a representative sample to wear and not destroy an original sheath. Nothing wrong with that yet somehow it always comes full circle when there is big money involved. We show some of the common versions here to look for. There are also many unmarked sheaths out there that look perfect, don't pay a lot for it, it probably isn't correct.

Just as with the M3 knives the M6 sheaths were reproduced by several folks around the globe, some many years ago. It all adds up to thieves out there waiting to take you money and claim if caught they didn't know. Well now you know...

M6_Milsco_Reproduction1.JPG (111305 bytes)    M6_Milsco1_Repro2.JPG (50696 bytes)    M6_Milsco2_Repro_3.JPG (15666 bytes)    M6_Repro.jpg (31519 bytes)    M6_Repro_Sheath.jpg (117833 bytes)    M6_Repro1.jpg (19403 bytes)    M6_sems.jpg (538835 bytes)    M6_sems1.JPG (455325 bytes)    M6_sems2.JPG (460335 bytes)    M6_Milsco_Fake01a.JPG (52263 bytes)


Here we show the real M6 MILSCO sheath to compare with. Note the center legs of the M come all the way down, the 4 is open topped, the 1 does not have a serif in it, the throat staples are different and the rivet placement is critical. Note the belt slits do NOT have round holes at the ends on a real M6 made by MILSCO. Some of the items stand out while others are subtle. If you want to buy an M6, do your homework first.

M6_Milsco_Real.JPG (137304 bytes)


Here is a new one we have not seen before. Easy to spot, don't be led astray by the "Just found" or "Just Identified" or "Long Lost" 

     M6_Scabbard_WMCO1.jpg (26492 bytes)   M6_Scabbard_WMCO2.jpg (26778 bytes)    M6_Scabbard_WMCO3.jpg (38692 bytes)    M6_Scabbard_WMCO4.jpg (50641 bytes)    M6_Scabbard_WMCO5.jpg (58728 bytes)



Here is a new one on us. An FJA inspector stamping. This stamp was for Frank J Atwood, a Remington Inspector. Fancy that he got around during WW II making scabbards isn't it.

M6_FJA.jpg (12060 bytes)


This is a brand new one just out on the market, easy to tell but listed here just the same. 

M6 Scabbard Repro.jpg (101189 bytes)    M6 Scabbard Repro1.jpg (90969 bytes)    M6 Scabbard Repro2.jpg (103812 bytes)


M6 GCco made reproduction. Still like new, will be old one day.

M6_GCCo.jpg (115872 bytes)    M6_GCCo1.jpg (90429 bytes)    M6_GCCo2.jpg (81401 bytes)    M6_GCCo3.jpg (85208 bytes)

An ad from 1988, they look old now folks.

Repro_M6_1988.JPG (117276 bytes)


M6 Milsco Sheath Repro 001.JPG (8726 bytes)    M6 Milsco Sheath Repro.JPG (10478 bytes)


M6 Scabbard IMA Repro 001.jpg (101189 bytes)    M6 Scabbard IMA Repro 002.jpg (90969 bytes)    M6 Scabbard IMA Repro 003.jpg (103812 bytes)    M6 IMA Repro 001.jpg (817043 bytes)

Current 2009 IMA Repro


M6 Fake aged 001.jpg (49199 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 002.jpg (49199 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 003.jpg (77477 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 004.jpg (92494 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 005.jpg (84803 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 006.jpg (60614 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 007.jpg (100409 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 008.jpg (70357 bytes)    M6 Fake aged 009.jpg (48654 bytes)

Aged to fool the unsuspecting buyer


M6 Viner Fake 001.JPG (77019 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 002.JPG (99256 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 003.JPG (85756 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 004.JPG (45420 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 0043.JPG (73245 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 005.JPG (76097 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 006.JPG (95850 bytes)    M6 Viner Fake 007.JPG (88163 bytes)

A quality sheath but a poor fake


M6 SEMS M7 marking 001.jpg (35623 bytes)    M6 SEMS M7 marking.jpg (145389 bytes)    M6 SEMS Scabbard.jpg (28770 bytes)

SEMS M3 and M7 markings! 


M6 Barwood repro.jpg (255152 bytes)    M6 LC repro.jpg (213584 bytes)    M6 Milsco repro.jpg (216174 bytes)    M6 Moose repro.jpg (282198 bytes)    M6 SBL repro.jpg (56533 bytes)    M6 Viner repro.jpg (69326 bytes)

A full line up pf M6 sheaths currently being reproduced. The maker is selling them above the board as a reproduction. Expect to see them in the secondary market aged by the fakers. Study them. 


M6 Milsco WPG repro 001.jpg (26788 bytes)    M6 Milsco WPG repro 002.jpg (99700 bytes)    M6 Milsco WPG repro 003.jpg (73094 bytes)    M6 Milsco WPG repro 004.jpg (37491 bytes)  M6 Milsco WPG repro 005.jpg (42503 bytes)  

M6 Milsco WPG repro 006.jpg (30655 bytes)    M6 Milsco WPG repro.jpg (24517 bytes)

Another current reproduction being sold as such. These have shown up already but it is hard to 
get rid of the smell of new leather.


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