M7 Scabbard

This is a brand new one that has recently hit the secondary market. These are made and sold as reproductions but we all know what happens in the hands further down the line, Greed.

M7_Scabbard_Repro.jpg (109521 bytes)    M7_Scabbard_Repro1.jpg (184921 bytes)    M7_Scabbard_Repro2.jpg (184921 bytes)    M7_Scabbard_Repro3.jpg (206413 bytes)    M7_Scabbard_Repro4.jpg (85461 bytes)


M7 IMA Repro 001.jpg (457731 bytes)    M7 IMA Repro 002.jpg (618936 bytes)    M7 IMA Repro 003.jpg (402736 bytes)    M7 IMA Repro 004.jpg (748205 bytes)

Both current 2009 IMA Products

Take a good look at them, I have seen it appear in person and on ebay.

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