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Updated 10/14/01

We thought it would be fun to share some old photos of edged cutlery that we have gathered over the years. If you have any you could submit, just e-mail them to us. We would love to see them. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo.

How about some UDT photos this week. These are extremely hard to come by even though they seem to wear knives frequently as part of their dress.

UDT_1_1950.jpg (166352 bytes)

UDT 1 circa 1950

UDT_Crossroads1.jpg (174247 bytes)

Here a UDT man sets charges on Coral Heads during Operation Crossroads

UDT1.jpg (17784 bytes)

Constant training is part of the UDT

UDT2.jpg (236385 bytes)

This is a huge picture, be prepared to wait for it. The fellow in the forward center of the landing craft is wearing a knuckle knife. What type I can not tell?

Brown_Water.jpg (32415 bytes)

Here is a Brown Water Sailor in Vietnam.



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