Old Photo Page 28


This month is an assortment of very rare photos. These photos show the M1891 Mosin - Nagant Rifle in use by the United States military. These photos are from the National Archives collection. Most are from the U.S. invasion of Russia in 1918, a little know adventure of ours. Click on the thumb-nails to view the full size image.

Our archives are almost out so a few sent in by the faithful reader would be greatly appreciated.

M1891_1.jpg (30480 bytes)
This photo shows a group of Bluejackets from the U.S.S. Olympia (Admiral Dewey's Flagship during the Spanish American War) armed with the Model 1891 rifle. Seems the sailors ditched the bayonets and used some rope for the slings. They initially started with U.S. issued weapons in 30-06 but ran out of ammo and took the rifles and ammo they had been guarding. They were stranded for four weeks fighting a land battle. This photo is after their return to the ship.

  M1891_2.jpg (64393 bytes) 
The Army outside a barracks getting ready for a sleigh convoy.

  M1891_3.jpg (35509 bytes)
American Soldiers in Archangel purchasing what they could. Supplies were extremely short but available for enough money.

       M1891_5.jpg (42818 bytes)
The famed 339th Infantry at HQ in Archangel, Russia. Note the fellows are equipped with standard Army gear and the M1891 rifle and bayonet. Winter had not started yet!

  M1891_6.jpg (61554 bytes)
Here we see an American guard ladling out rice to Bolshevik prisoners during October, 1918. M1891 Rifle with bayonet shown.

M1891_7.jpg (70077 bytes)
Here we have a U.S. soldier also of the 339th Infantry standing guard while oatmeal is being unloaded into one of the huge warehouses storing U.S. supplies

 M1891_4.jpg (22270 bytes)
This is the lone photo we know of showing the M1891 rifle in use in the United States. This man is in what was then the ROTC training system, Student Army Training Corps. This photo is from the Rock Island Museum.