Old Photo Page 29


This month is an assortment of very rare pre 1900 photos. Click on the thumb-nails to view the full size image.

Our archives are almost out so a few sent in by the faithful reader would be greatly appreciated.

IndianWarPhotoCU.jpg (114369 bytes)    KNIFEFIGHT.jpg (11944 bytes)    Mass VM soldier camp site pose with equipment.jpg (39059 bytes)    SAW.jpg (27790 bytes)    SAW_FtDesoto.jpg (31970 bytes)

SAW_Trooper.jpg (73465 bytes)    Skirmish line firing  position 1898 J.jpg (60679 bytes)    firing~1.jpg (91786 bytes)

To those of you who sent me a few photos, Thank You! To the rest of you.... what are you waiting for! Surely you have one photo somewhere with a knife or bayonet in it. Thanks in advance!


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