Old Photo Page 30


This month is an assortment of old photos with no special theme. Many were sent to us by the faithful readers and we thank you for that. We welcome all submissions of photos no matter how trivial you may think they are. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo. 

KNFMCHT.jpg (237920 bytes)
A great photo sent to us by Gary Cunningham!

KiskaM3.jpg (33909 bytes)
An M3 on Kiska Island sent by Josh Traywick


Iwo_Camillus.jpg (111344 bytes)
Here's one we found showing the early Camillus Raider pattern


Navy Flier Knife A.JPG (269085 bytes)
A great photo sent in by Dick Boyd showing an aluminum handle theatre knife of the PAL handle style.


101ABKukri2.JPG (93333 bytes)
This is a rare one sent to us by Charlie Flick. When is the last time you saw a photo of an American unit with a Kukri? This is before a 101st ABN. drop in WW II.


Afghan_Knives.JPG (172338 bytes)
Sent to us by anonymous. Special Forces in Afghanistan pose with a memento of home and a few knives strapped on the shoulder harnesses.


1extraction.jpg (91867 bytes)
Sent to us by Bill Lewis, this photo of a SEAL extraction in Vietnam. Note the SEAL in the center with the Mark 2 at his back with what looks to be a flare taped to the scabbard.


Thanks again to all who submitted photos! Keep them coming!

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