Old Photo Page 32 

This month is an assortment of old photos with no special theme. Many were sent to us by the faithful readers and we thank you for that. We welcome all submissions of photos no matter how trivial you may think they are. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo. 

USAF_USNMK2.JPG (94893 bytes) 
Para-Rescue in the Gulf of Tonkin Note the USN MK2


   USMCJapKnife.jpg (44506 bytes)
Jap resisting a Marine with what looks like a machete. Posed no doubt but then again...

  KnifeTraining.jpg (73146 bytes) 
Knife training USMC Raider style. Knives appear to be Westerns.

   Cates_Guad_Kbar.jpg (216013 bytes)  
Officers on Guadalcanal. Note a few knives in the photo.

  Marine_Iwo.JPG (66696 bytes)  
Marines on Iwo Jima hug the dirt, a Mark 2 is prominent view.

  Marine_M3.JPG (80189 bytes)
Here we see a Marine with an M3 on his belt, a trade maybe?


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