Old Photo Page 33 

This month is an assortment of old photos with no special theme. Many were sent to us by the faithful readers and we thank you for that. We welcome all submissions of photos no matter how trivial you may think they are. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo. 

Johnson CIA.JPG (131439 bytes)
How is this for a photo! CIA backed Cuban rebels training with Johnson rifles and mounted bayonets. Talk about rare!

KiskaChow.jpg (40844 bytes)

Dinner on Kiska during WW II. Note the shoulder patch!

M3knfmht.jpg (206606 bytes)

A well armed fellow in the South Pacific, a knife and a machete.

LeyteAirAttack.jpg (55595 bytes)

Taking cover on Leyte. Not too often we see a machete being worn.

Gliders S France.jpg (114676 bytes)

M1 Garand and M1 bayonet at the ready.

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