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This month is an assortment of photos with a special theme. Can you guess the theme? Knowing us it should be easy. Many were sent to us by the faithful readers and we thank you for that. We welcome all submissions of photos no matter how trivial you may think they are.

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Ka_Bar_Iraq1.jpg (202209 bytes)


Ka_Bar_Iraq2.jpg (325741 bytes)


Kabar_USMC.jpeg (48392 bytes)


USMC_MK2b.JPG (758770 bytes)

If you guessed they are all photos taken during operation Iraqi Freedom you are correct. Are the all Marines, you are correct again. But neither are the two themes we are talking about here. The knives they carry are the most often seen knives in this current conflict. That's right, the good old Knife, Combat w/Sheath is right up there in the front. Serving since 1942 the Mark 2 / Fighting Utility is like the Energizer Bunny, just keeps going and going!

Many thanks to our good friends, Miguel Carrillo and Homer Brett for sending us the photos we used this month. Keep them coming folks!

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