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This month is an assortment of photos with a special theme. Can you guess the theme? Knowing us it should be easy. We welcome all submissions of photos no matter how trivial you may think they are.

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Jake_Iraq1a.JPG (153340 bytes)
Mugging for the camera in an Iraqi Army Barracks

Jake_Iraq2a.JPG (114117 bytes)
Riding security on the move. Note the Custom Kodiak Knives boot knife on the vest

Jake_Iraq16a.JPG (124012 bytes)
Met another fellow with an EDMF knuckle knife out in the desert. Had to switch the EDMF / Lan-Cay custom bayonet from one leg to the other to get both in the photo!

Jake_Iraq21a.JPG (134198 bytes)
A World War Two theatre knife in a new hard scabbard. Somehow our correspondent always finds the odd ones for us!

Jake_Iraq22a.JPG (156911 bytes)
Auto or fixed blade? This Marine carries both just in case!

Jake_IraqM9.JPG (262802 bytes)
The custom M9 pulling guard duty in the middle of the desert on a broken down truck. The order was to "fix bayonets."

If you guessed we have our own correspondent over in the land of the big desert sending back photos of Marines with knives you guessed correct! The one Marine common in all the photos is our son Jake. He searches out fellows wearing odd knives just to take pictures for us!

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