Old Photo Page 43

This month we feature some great shots sent to us by our good friend Homer Brett. Two are newspaper clippings while the other four are photos Homer took himself. Thanks Homer!


Deployed_1.JPG (111218 bytes)    Deployed_2.JPG (127019 bytes)    Deployed_3.JPG (95204 bytes)
The first grouping we have here are photos of a significant part of history. The soldiers getting ready for deployment are from the Army Old Guard. The soldier on the left it knifely equipped and ready for bear! The trooper in the center is wearing a desert tan patch, the first of it's kind with a scroll of the Old Guard. These folks don't only patrol in Washington D.C.! The well equipped soldier on the right has a folding stock entry shotgun equipped with a bayonet lug, sweet!

Ranger_01.JPG (153038 bytes)
The mascot spotted at a 75th Ranger ceremony!


Bush_Bayonet.JPG (76040 bytes)    Kabar_Patrol.JPG (166942 bytes)
President Bush reviewing British troops with lots of bayonets on display.

A Marine on duty loaded with a Next Generation Kabar.


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