Old Photo Page 45

This month we feature some great shots sent to us by our good friends around the Internet. We are constantly amazed at the great photos found by the folks out there. We feel this section of the web page as one of the greatest benefits, it actually shows the items in use.


Doughboy1.jpg (22336 bytes)    Frst_Carrib.jpg (93604 bytes)    Frst_Carrib2.jpg (96877 bytes)

German_2_bayos.jpg (42596 bytes)    german_soldier.jpg (93448 bytes)    Japanese_Bayo.jpg (33229 bytes)

A US Doughboy, the First Carribean practicing with the No. 4 bayonets. Two German soldiers from the First World War and a single German soldier from the Second World War. A Japanese soldier with fixed bayonet. A nice selection of times and places

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