Old Photo Page 50

This month we feature some great shots sent to us by our good friends around the Internet as usual. We are constantly amazed at the great photos found by the folks out there. We feel this section of the web page is one of the greatest benefits, it actually shows the items in use

Kabar_Multi-tool.jpg (27306 bytes)    knife photo.jpg (36522 bytes)    knife.jpg (28577 bytes)    knife-1.jpg (29135 bytes)    knife-2.jpg (85592 bytes)    M1913_Duel_a.JPG (215790 bytes)    M3_Paratrooper.jpg (30545 bytes)    M3M3.JPG (280423 bytes)    M9_Thrower.jpg (52323 bytes)
Click on the thumbnails to see the full size photos


A nice selection of random times and places. Some have sharp items in the view and some do not. How about that last one, rare to see a cartoon about a bayonet! Again our thanks to those who sent us photos and a very special thanks to GunBarrel! He is like a mad man buying up old photos, keep at it!!

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