Old Photo Page 54

This month we feature some great shots sent to us by our good friends around the Internet as usual. We are constantly amazed at the great photos found by the folks out there. We feel this section of the web page is one of the greatest benefits, it actually shows the items in use.

First we will start off with some recent photos, out of place for the Old Photo section but none the less here they are.

armygerberbmf.JPG (55473 bytes)    BradKasal_USMC.JPG (63218 bytes)    Kickingokc3.JPG (29788 bytes)    Marine AK Bayonet.JPG (40047 bytes)    Marine_Iraq1.JPG (56286 bytes)    Marine_Iraq3.JPG (59870 bytes)    Najaf_OKC3Sb.JPG (82828 bytes)    Tomahawk_Afghan.jpg (62760 bytes)


Now for some oldies...

Camp Claiborne, LA--Sgt Cosby from Pismo Beach, CA.jpg (22188 bytes)    Diver.jpg (75835 bytes)    Gurkhas Photo.jpg (120787 bytes)    Kiska_Manual.jpg (54817 bytes)    kit inspection.jpg (73836 bytes)    Ledo_RD_Machete.jpg (136462 bytes)    Marine with Machete and Reising SMG.jpg (62273 bytes)

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