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This month we feature some great shots sent to us by our good friends around the Internet as usual. We are constantly amazed at the great photos found by the folks out there. We feel this section of the web page is one of the greatest benefits, it actually shows the items in use.

This month we feature various great shots collected here.

Airman with knife 1942.jpg (44251 bytes)    France 1944 Engineers Cleaning Mines -Front-.jpg (104089 bytes)    German_Crossed.JPG (27370 bytes)    GI with short machete.JPG (22977 bytes)    Mk2_Suez1956.jpg (47848 bytes)    NAM.jpg (88379 bytes)    NAM1.jpg (57291 bytes)    navpo.jpg (58832 bytes)    New_Guinea_Knife.jpg (14720 bytes)    Nov_42.jpg (67043 bytes)

We have some really great and historical shots here, how about the leaders of Israel wearing a Mark 2! The last shot with the caption saying November 1942... well if that is correct the fellow on the left side would have to be wearing one of the first Kabar's ever made. We think the date on the caption is off by a few weeks perhaps. As always thanks to the folks who send in the photos! Special thanks to GB who is awesome.

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