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This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month form our good friend around the planet. This puts the knives into context, something we often forget about.


12th Marines Assn. Photo_Vietnam.jpg (75961 bytes)    5AUGUS~1.JPG (61200 bytes)    AK_Vietnam.jpg (64637 bytes)    Bayonet Inspection.jpg (26677 bytes)    Black US Troops in Korea 1950 - Front.jpg (114383 bytes)    Blasidal.jpg (40960 bytes)    Co. F, 131st Infantry Philippines 1945.jpg (391119 bytes)    GI Washing Hands--M3 Knife.jpg (96679 bytes)    GI with M3 knife.jpg (19107 bytes)    JPK_Iraq.jpg (1625212 bytes)    KasierBillPhoto.jpg (2508859 bytes)    Marine in Vietnam with Mark 2a.JPG (66402 bytes)    Marine with M1 by shoreline.jpg (62106 bytes)    Marine with machete by shoreline.jpg (70837 bytes)    Marine_machete_camo1.jpg (146876 bytes)    Marines in New Caledonia 1943.jpg (30800 bytes)    Marines with Japanese children in Saipan, July 1944.jpg (85932 bytes)

Some great photos! The last one has a fellow wearing two knives!

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!

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