Old Photo Page 63

This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month from our good friend around the planet. This puts the knives into context, something we often forget about.


5 inch sheath knife 455 Sqdn Debriefing.jpg (35525 bytes)    8BPC_Indochina.jpg (26636 bytes)    Laurel_Hardy_Doughboys.jpg (22260 bytes)    LRDG_FS.jpg (144073 bytes)    M1905_Guard.jpg (192544 bytes)    M1905_Prisoner.jpg (143052 bytes)    M1917_Garand.jpg (168989 bytes)    M1917_Shaving_Sharp.jpg (55997 bytes)    M1inedge.jpg (167673 bytes)    M1CarbBayonet2.jpg (33460 bytes)    M7_Vietnam.jpeg (51569 bytes)    Marine in Vietnam with Mark 2a.JPG (66402 bytes)


Some great photos! 

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!

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