Old Photo Page 64

This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month from our good friends. 

101st AB Paratrooper Knife Photo.jpg (97311 bytes)    1950's Photo Grease Gun & M4 Bayonet.jpg (75951 bytes)    2nd MarDiv Saipan 24 Jun 44 - Front.jpg (141467 bytes)    Black GI with Tommy Gun & Bolo.jpg (100960 bytes)    Bolo Studio Photo.jpg (20522 bytes)    Camp Mackenzie GA Krag Photo 1a.jpg (105164 bytes)    Camp Mackenzie GA Krag Photo 1b.jpg (96889 bytes)    Camp Mackenzie GA Krag Photo.jpg (92958 bytes)    Capt. Floyd Kirkpatrick_VMF-441.jpg (275841 bytes)    Capt. Floyd Kirkpatrick_VMF-441_ Okinawa 1945.jpg (174082 bytes)    CzLegion_Italy.jpg (100958 bytes)    Doughboy Charles Mowery_M1905 Bayonet.jpg (59614 bytes)    Doughboy Charles Mowery_September 4, 1917.jpg (96800 bytes)    Doughboy on guard duty.jpg (104839 bytes)    Doughboys Gas Masks & Bayonets.jpg (208638 bytes)      Doughboys Playing with Bayonets France WWI.jpg (112392 bytes)    Doughboys playing with Bayonets France WWI - back.jpg (97889 bytes)    entrenching.jpg (3616686 bytes)    ETO Machete Photo No. 1.jpg (43988 bytes)    ETO Machete Photo No. 2.jpg (58647 bytes)    ETO Machete Photo No. 3.jpg (54555 bytes)    ETO U.S. Army Officer with knife.jpg (64592 bytes)    European Soldier with Bayonet.jpg (65954 bytes)

Some great photos! Special thanks to Gunbarrel!! 

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!

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