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This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month from our good friends. 


Case 336Q.jpg (56540 bytes)    Case FSSF knife Gen Robt Frederick Gen Keyes Rome Approach.jpg (179397 bytes)    Catt 225Q1.jpg (226745 bytes)    Catt_225.jpg (68248 bytes)    Colored Troops Knives & Machetes.jpg (568307 bytes)    CSM Kube w machete Papua 1944.JPG (1214922 bytes)    Engineer w carved leg Papua 1943.JPG (1249031 bytes)    Eniwetok Atoll Marines with Souvenirs A.jpg (101102 bytes)    Eniwetok Atoll Navy Corpsmen  Wounded Marine A.jpg (140496 bytes)    Fixed Bayonets.jpg (130127 bytes)    Flg_Raiser_Bradley.jpg (21090 bytes)    Flg_Raisers.JPG (39809 bytes)    Flg_WW2_Iwo_Jima.jpg (158792 bytes)    Folding Machetes Holsters 94th FS Mateur Tunisia 1943.jpg (21765 bytes)    gi in barge M3 Knife Photo.jpg (112627 bytes)    GI on Jeep with M1911-A1.jpg (81058 bytes)    GI with knife & machine gun.jpg (82553 bytes)    GI with knife.jpg (83436 bytes)    GI with M1905.jpg (27451 bytes)    GI with TSMG & Bolo Knife.jpg (263579 bytes)    GI with TSMG & Long Blade .jpg (70791 bytes)    GI's with M1918 Mark 1 Trench Knives.jpg (89252 bytes)    great Theater Knife Action Photo WWII.jpg (79043 bytes)    greek Trainees Camp Edwards Mass 1944.jpg (108053 bytes)    Guadalcanal August 1943 first records.JPG (821597 bytes)    Guadalcanal August 1943.JPG (908057 bytes)    Guadalcanal February 1944.JPG (790157 bytes)    Guadalcanal USMC Official Photo.jpg (84337 bytes)    Halsey_knife.jpg (225871 bytes)    Halsey_knifecu.jpg (7783 bytes)    

We have a lot this month due to skipping a few months. Enjoy!

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!

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