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This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month from our good friends. This month we have Marines again. Something about Marines liking knives and liking cameras makes the photos available to us today.

USMC Guard.JPG (758770 bytes)    USMC HK Bolo Guam MG Team 7-28-44.jpg (84481 bytes)    USMC Krag Bayonet.jpg (244697 bytes)    USMC Mk2 1963.jpg (61924 bytes)    USMC Phone.JPG (106900 bytes)    USMC Phone2.JPG (70730 bytes)    USMC Photographers Iwo Jima Shotgun.jpg (63944 bytes)    USMC Pilots from Joe Foss Squadron IBY Plane.jpg (60542 bytes)    USMC Pilots with Joe Foss.jpg (65354 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 001.jpg (642213 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 002.jpg (217226 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 003.jpg (190525 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 004.jpg (255481 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 005.jpg (41579 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 006.jpg (147831 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam 007.jpg (93088 bytes)    USMC Recon Vietnam.jpg (49795 bytes)    USMC Sword Sgt.jpg (430561 bytes)    usmc training wwii.jpg (64652 bytes)    USMC_1918.jpg (31805 bytes)    USMC_Boots.jpeg (26706 bytes)    USMC_Buying.JPG (98643 bytes)    USMC_China.jpg (27957 bytes)    USMC_Coconut.gif (125410 bytes)    USMC_Intrenching_Machete.jpg (3616686 bytes)    USMC_Iwo.jpg (271795 bytes)    USMC_MG.jpeg (52203 bytes)    USMC_Raider_Knife.jpg (13914 bytes)    usmc_recruit.jpg (21935 bytes)    USMC_Rubber Knife.JPG (46361 bytes)    usmc-1a.jpg (28339 bytes)

Great photos this month as usual!

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!


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