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This month we feature some great shots sent to us from around the web. Still one of the best features in this site is the amazing amount of old photos that are contributed to us each month from our good friends.


1st Cav Trooper Vietnam 1966.jpg (142066 bytes)    AuLion Pooch.jpg (150008 bytes)    Bayonet Shave.jpg (59088 bytes)    Bernard Whatizit.jpg (604691 bytes)    Commando Knife - B.jpg (65203 bytes)    Dead snake.jpg (60250 bytes)    FID4.jpg (171513 bytes)    Fixed and Folder.jpg (94769 bytes)    Flight Deck Crew 1943.jpg (49115 bytes)    Flight Knives.jpg (24857 bytes)    Gavin D-Day Randall.jpg (209386 bytes)    Gerber Tool near by.jpg (275644 bytes)    Gerber Tool on belt.jpg (372422 bytes)    GI Fooling around.jpg (62407 bytes)    GI M3 Knife in Teeth.jpg (199789 bytes)    Hawaii Terr Guard M1917 Scabbard.jpg (152553 bytes)    Inverted shoulder.jpg (120295 bytes)    Iraq Sword Pose.jpg (46193 bytes)    Iraqi Training.jpg (171984 bytes)    Jap souvenir pocket knife Buna Beach 1943.jpg (101761 bytes)    SSgt Hawkins 3rd Div 1945.jpg (72848 bytes)    US Army Lieutenant WWII.jpg (160581 bytes)    US Army Trooper Philippines 1901.jpg (119093 bytes)    Western Bowie Vietnam 001.jpg (171879 bytes)    Western Bowie Vietnam.jpg (60966 bytes)


Great photos this month as usual!

Send us your photos!! Thanks!!


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