Old Photo Page 9


Updated 06/24/01

We thought it would be fun to share some old photos of edged cutlery that we have gathered over the years. If you have any you could submit, just e-mail them to us. We would love to see them.

The Ames 1849 Riflemans knife has a pretty well documented background. The one problem we have is not seeing any photographs of it being worn by actual soldiers. Have you ever seen one? These are the only two photos I know of showing one being worn. Thanks to Mark Zalesky for pointing them out to me.


amesknife.jpg (53622 bytes)

Farmer and family??

ames2.jpg (81685 bytes)

Close up

AmesPic.jpg (29967 bytes)

"Bloody Kansas" era group photo

AmesPicCloseup.jpg (13986 bytes)

Close up