Porter's Report

By Bill Porter

January 2005

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season. 2004 turned out to be a great year for most of the collectors I know. Let’s hope that 2005 is as good if not better!

Last month I started featuring some model or prop bayonets. We’ll continue with more of the same this month.


German 1884/98 3rd Model

This is a cast resin replica of the standard German WWII bayonet. The detail is remarkable. The press stud, grips, grip screws and flash guard are all clearly identifiable. The right crossguard is stamped with the number 2755. The scabbard is marked DURKOPP over 38 on the back and numbered on the front of the scabbard body and on the frog stud. Even the waffenamps are visible on the pommel.

Here’s a challenge for the BCN members out there: does anyone have the original bayonet that was used as a model for this casting?

8498-1.jpg (14252 bytes)    8498-2.JPG (54458 bytes)

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US M1892 Krag

This bayonet is also a one-piece plastic casting, but the detail is not quite as good as the previous bayonet. The grips have a brown color and except for the dark color to the steel, this is a great recreation of a Krag bayonet. The date stamp is partially visible on the left blade.


krag1.JPG (19874 bytes)   krag2.JPG (48684 bytes)    krag3.JPG (66742 bytes)

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This is clearly supposed to represent a M4 bayonet, and I suppose it would readily pass for one to a half-blind person at a distance of ten feet. The overall quality is poor, especially when compared to some of the other replicas.


m4-1.jpg (24927 bytes)    m4-2.jpg (13560 bytes)    m4-3.jpg (53555 bytes)

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Mauser Prop

This is a US M1892 Krag bayonet that has been modified to look like a Mauser bayonet. The blade has been shortened and a new false edge ground. The muzzle ring has been cut off and the cross guard has been modified to resemble a small quillion. The steel scabbard body has the remnants of green paint and a round brass frog stud has been added. It is equipped with a brown leather frog.


modkrag-1.JPG (16975 bytes)    modkrag-2.JPG (29578 bytes)    modkrag-3.JPG (50743 bytes)

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These are all-plastic replicas of the US M7 bayonet and are currently available at many shows. They are also on ebay just about all the time, listed as Airsoft full size models. They have grips in the Eickhorn one-piece configuration and the plastic pommel with functional latches is held in place with a single screw through the end of the pommel. The blades have a bright chrome finish and are marked with the rampant Colt logo and two line text. The front of the cross guards are marked US M7.


plasticM7-1.jpg (36050 bytes)    plasticM7-2.jpg (48081 bytes)    plasticM7-3.jpg (33361 bytes)

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This brings us to the end of another month. I hope you’ve found this month’s featured items interesting and look forward to your comments. I can be reached at porterkids@aol.com. We’ll continue with a few more of these beauties next month.

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