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This one has to rank up there as the most often reproduced military knife on the planet. In all probability 9 out of 10 will be fakes. It is so rampant it killed the market on these knives. Take your time and study any specimen you are looking to buy. Here is the actual prototype knife made for Atlanta Cutlery courtesy of Bill Adams.


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Ranger_Bowie_MRL.jpg (59235 bytes)
Type 1 repro


Repro_Ranger1.JPG (317262 bytes)    Repro_Ranger2.JPG (406003 bytes)    Repro_Ranger3.JPG (311701 bytes)
Type 2 Repro

This knife has a thinner handle and deeper swells to the handle. It is also marked U.S. on the handle, not a very high quality knife.

Ranger Taiwan Repro 001.jpg (24302 bytes)    Ranger Taiwan Repro 002.jpg (38285 bytes)    Ranger Taiwan Repro 003.jpg (38764 bytes)    Ranger Taiwan Repro 004.jpg (38089 bytes)    Ranger Taiwan Repro 005.jpg (49801 bytes)

Stamped Taiwan, note the pin in the handle.


These knives can be found all over the place. This one is a knife you can really get taken on as so many were made all over the planet over many years it is difficult to tell which is which on just the repros alone.

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