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Still the best of the Genre 

A Collection of your favorite Military Knife articles from the pages of Knife World Magazine. This is the one you have been asking for. An in depth study of U.S. and Allied Military Knives covering over 150 years of the military edge. Coverage runs from the common Collins & Co. machete to the rarest Case V-42 knives in existence, each with excellent photos, some never in the original articles, and detailed text. A must have for your Military Knife Library! You will refer back to this book for years to come. Glossy cover, paperback. 8 1/2"x 11" 255 pages. Donít wait, order it now! 

Military Knives: A Reference Book is 67 articles ranging from the Indian Wars to the present day modern Military Issue Knives. $old Out plus shipping in the U.S., Overseas additional.

$old + $5.00 postage in the US. 

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