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This one has plagued us for many years. These rare unmarked blades are ripe for the picking when the devious soul wants to make a raid. Many are just unknowing but that still doesn't make it any better when you find yourself in possession of a repro that you bought for full price as an original. The blades are thinner and the pommel pinning is different when you look closely at them. These pins are tapered so one is larger then the other on opposite sides. Thanks to Bill Adams we have a reproduction model here to study.

Smatchet.JPG (1189105 bytes)    Smatchet1.JPG (1143458 bytes)    Smatchet2.JPG (1229383 bytes)    Smatchet3.JPG (1287983 bytes)    Smatchet4.JPG (1348287 bytes)    Smatchet5.JPG (1196901 bytes)    Smatchet6.JPG (1279921 bytes)    Smatchet7.JPG (1260094 bytes)    Smatchet7a.JPG (1251054 bytes)    Smatchet8.JPG (1062630 bytes)    Smatchet8a.JPG (1053249 bytes)    Smatchet9.JPG (1065312 bytes)

Note how this one passed the importation laws of being marked to the country of origin, a sticker! Needless to say most were probably ripped off the minute the new owner held it in his hands. Be warned...

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